Top 10 Best Bedside Table With Drawers Reviews


Moving into a new living space can cause a lot of headaches to some of us. The packing and unpacking stages can be a hassle, but purchasing new furniture is on another level of its own. We have to make sure the new furniture pieces can fit well with both the home’s aesthetics and our own available budget as well. Hence, our team has put together a list of 10 bedside tables, and a mini buying guide afterward to help you settle with the bedroom planning stage quicker.

Without further ado, let’s move onto our list.

10. Cabinet with Drawer for Storage


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The first product recommended on our list is from VELECO. This table is designed in a universal standard height to fit with most beds and sofas. According to a number of reviews online, this table is mostly appreciated for its sturdiness. Its simple modern design is made from clean and natural wood grain finish, making each platform waterproof and sturdy.

Additionally, this nightstand also comes with a sufficient drawer to store your necessities in, besides your bed, next to the couch, or along the hallway. Unfortunately for some of us, this product only comes in one color, which is a modern dark brown color with a boxy black frame.

For the best results, it’s recommended to thoroughly read through the manual provided to assemble all parts of the table. All parts will be neatly labeled and included in the parcel after purchasing.

9. Chairside End Table with 2 Drawer and Shelf Narrow Nightstand

9. Yaheetech

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Our next recommended product is from Yaheetech. This end table comes in a classic dark chocolate color, allowing it to fit in with most existing design schemes within your home. Its slim and delicate design makes this end table very versatile with space. It is, after all, designed to be compact and resourceful.

This end table is designed in a simple rectangular shape, making it easier to wipe clean with just a damp cloth or sponge. Its waterproof aspect also adds to the easy-to-clean aspect. It also comes with 2 tiers of drawers; one and each tier. The space within each drawer allows you to store smaller things like remote controllers, cosmetics and such, besides your bed. Plus, the 2 empty upper tiers can hold books, glasses, snacks, photo frames, etc.

The parcel comes with all the necessary parts for assembling the end table. Plus, online reviewers have left positive feedback regarding how convenient it is to piece together the cute furniture.

8. Storage Baskets and Open Shelf for Bedroom, Bedside Sofa End Table

8. Giantex

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If you have made online purchases online before, for home materials and such, we are pretty sure you have heard of Giantex. Giantex offers modern geometrically shaped home accessories, furniture, and such. Their products are mostly liked for their durability, design, and convenience.

The recommended nightstand is no exception to the upper claims. It comes in two colors; black and white. The pasted color scheme of the white model will be sure to fit into your soft home aesthetics. However, because of how versatile both black and white are, we believe it will be able to fit in with any modern home.

Its drawers are designed to be wicker baskets, instead of the usual opaque wooden pull-outs. The clothes that come with the wicker baskets drawers are removable, so you do not have to worry about not being able to clean them from time to time. Moreover, this nightstand’s frame is made from Paulownia wood, which makes it lightweight and sturdy. It can hold many things while remaining stable on its quadruple feet.

7. Tall 1-Drawer End Table Side Table File Cabinet Storage

 7. Homfa

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Next up, we have a tall nightstand from Homfa. This drawer comes 2 tiers; the upper tier is a solid pull-out drawer and the bottom top tier is a tall spacious no-door tier. The tall design of the drawer allows you extra space to store your books, bag, or other bigger necessities besides your relaxing area.

Its classic matte black color scheme can also add a bold statement to your living space. Whether you plan on letting it hold a pot of plant or a lamp, when it’s placed in a hallway or living room, this conventional nightstand will make your space more chic and sophisticated.

Furthermore, its compact design will also be suitable for those who are space-limited. It is designed with lightweight wood-toned particle boards. Each surface is easy to clean; you can simply wipe over it with damp cloth or sponge. When purchased, this nightstand will come with an assembly manual and all its accessories.

6.  Bedside Furniture & Night Stand End Table Dresser

6. Sorbus

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Moving on to the next recommended nightstand, we have the double-drawer nightstand from Sorbus. The double drawers are made from fabric and are removable, allowing you to conveniently clean them more thoroughly. For the same reason that its drawers are made from fabric, this nightstand is lightweight and is easy to transport around. The overall structure of this nightstand is the wooden top surface, steel frame, and fabric drawers with reinforced bottom.

This product comes in 5 similar color schemes‒5 different mixtures of beige, brown, black, gray, and white. However, since each one of them has a classic color scheme, they can easily fit into any professional and home environment. On top of that, the wooden top surface is strong enough to hold multiple items at once. It can display pots of plants, lamps, framed photos, and more. As for the drawers, the nontransparent fabric provides a privacy screen over your items.

5. Nightstand with Drawer, Narrow End Table for Small Spaces


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If your current space was decorated into a more of a vintage style, this nightstand might be the one for you. The HOOBRO side table comes 2 colors, both of which are brown. The “Rustic Brown” model stays true to its name, with its wooden surfaces designed to look vintage and old.

This side table is made with sturdy wooden plates and a stable steel frame. It is, after all, designed to be both practical and aesthetically pleasing. When the assembly is done right, you can display many decorative pieces on the upper-tier without having to worry about any wobbling. And since it is waterproof, it can hold things such as potted plants, fish bowls, or other water-related display items.

Furthermore, its space-saving design can fit into smaller spaces well; like between a bed and a wall or just a solo decorative furniture piece in the hallway. The compact drawer also provides sufficient storage space for your other necessities.

4. Nathan James Harper Mid-Century Side Table 2-Drawer

4. Nathan James

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Moving on, we have the Harper Mix-Century Side Table from Nathan James. We think the company of this table designed it very well; its overall design is very fitting for the name. Both drawers are closed together and shaped into a neat box and the four legs are evenly spread out, allowing it to hold all your materials and equipment in perfect balance.

This nightstand comes in different wooden brown shades; ranges from light to dark. With its era-crossing appearance, it can easily blend into both vintage home decor and modern home decor. Over blending in, it can also add a splash of sophistication into your living space as well.

As mentioned above, both the drawers are built close to each other. They’re both attached to a steel handle for opening and closing, and they provide a lot of storage space. Plus, its waterproof aspect is very helpful with holding cold drinks, vases, and the likes, on the top surface for safety.

3. FURINNO Andrey End Table Nightstand with Bin Drawer

3. Furinno

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The next suggested side table is Audrey End Table from Furinno. This table comes in many color schemes and is suitable for both adult’s and children’s bedrooms. The brightly colored models are very child-like and friendly; adding more color to your children’s room with ease. While the darker colored models are more chic and modern in design.

With the all-age-suitable design in mind, this nightstand was built to have rounded edges. These rounded edges are designed to not cause dangerous accidents to all ages. Plus, the simple and conventional shape also adds to the safety aspect of the overall product.

Most of the night stand’s body is made from composite wood, making it lightweight and easy to transport. However, since some reviews have regarded it as not very strong against impact or falling, we suggest being more careful during transportation to prolong its life-span. As for the solo drawer, it is a non-woven bin. This is also a part of the lightweight design.

2. Winsome Wood Claire Accent Table, Black

2. Winsome

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This is also for the vintage loving people. The Winsome’s Wood Clair Accent Table is a classic nightstand. It is made with clean lines and rounded edges. It is available in 4 different colors; Black, White, Walnut, and Natural. All color models and monochromatic and same shapes.

Made from composite wood and wood nailhead accents, this nightstand is also lightweight.  However, do not underestimate this nightstand from its manufactured material. Its weight capacity is 50lbs or approximately 23kg. Its waterproof surfaces can hold cold drinks, glasses of water, and flower vases with ease.

Its solo drawer can store a fair amount of supplies in privacy. However, the open shelf on the lower tier can hold many things. The tall space allows books to safely stand horizontally, bags to be placed safely or even a small rubbish bin to stand-in.

1. Winsome Eugene Table, White

1. Winsome

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Last but not least, we have reached the last recommendation on our list! For this spot, we have the Eugene Table, also from Winsome. This table comes in 4 different solid colors; White, Black, Natural, and Walnut. Solid colored furniture pieces can blend in well with many home decor, or even become a statement piece depending on the location and what will be put on them.

The Eugene Table is designed to have a geometrically modern look. It is rectangular in shape and its edges are semi-rounded. However, as modern, as it is, it is not a solid block of wood. It has accents and curves to the drawer’s face, top surface, and short legs. We think these little details make it look somewhat traditional as well.

This nightstand is a wooden nightstand, which means it is a little bit heavier than the aforementioned product from the same brand. Its double drawers can hold many things. The upper drawer can store your necessities safely, things such as remote controllers, cosmetics, or smaller tools. While the bottom drawer is a door-like drawer instead of the usual pull-out. It can hold books, bags, snacks, and many items, as it is more spacious than the upper one.


In conclusion, when it comes to choosing a new nightstand for your living space, we believe that the price and its longevity are the most important factors that should be considered over. Sure the aesthetics is also important, but most of us can agree that furniture is meant to last for years. Since our home is our safe space, we love to be able to settle into that cozy space for a long time, and the furniture pieces are a part of it too.

Moreover, we have to be smart when it comes to furniture shopping. Being responsible with our budget can help us go a long way. All in all, we hope our list is of any help to you and we wish you the best for your shopping journey!

Buying Guides:

Material: Wooden materials come in many different forms. Each wooden material contributes to the sturdiness, looks, weight, and more of the table. Whether or not each form can hold water on them safely without bloating, is also dependent on the coating as well. However, the coating can also deteriorate after many years of usage.

Assembling: It is best to follow the manual included when the parcel arrives. Assembling the side tables properly contributes a lot to our own safety. If your parcel does not arrive with a manual, we recommend reaching out to the service team of the respective company for more solid instructions.

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