Top 10 Best Couches For Small Spaces


In big cities, the price of space and building is very expensive which is why it is very economical to own a small or medium size of apartments and houses that can fit just enough of your family members. Aside from this, big space requires more cleaning, maintenance, and even further, bigger tax obligation. Taking these factors into consideration, what is the point of owning a big space that you will not make use of?

In the same sense, minimal living is great. Many people are fortunate enough to own a mansion but choose a minimalist lifestyle instead because the lesser we own or acquire means the more left out for others. Some might worry that having a small space makes it difficult to choose furniture or other decorations that can fit their places. This thought is totally wrong. Many companies have designed compact furniture to suit the increasing demands. Today, we will introduce you to the top 10 picks of the best couches for compact buildings or apartments.

10. L-Shape Sectional Couch with Reversible Chaise

10. Best-Living Furniture

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For comfort and optimization, nothing can complement your compact apartment better than this sectional corner sofa from best-living furniture. The first thing that we will look into is its comfortability, there is no wrong or correct side of the chaise as it is reversible and allows you to use each section and side interchangeably. Only premium materials are used in the making of the chaise cushion. If we go into detail, the seat cushion is made of high-density spring foam while the backrest is supported by polyester fiber foam. This combination made this sofa very pleasant and comfy to sit on.

Now, let’s see how durable it is for your daily use. The surrounding board structure was layout using thick and high-quality wood supported by its 5 tough woody legs making it a very firm and sturdy platform best in handling the weight. Then, if you wish to clean the linen fabric cover you can simply remove it and dry clean using the washing machine.

This sofa is very compact space friendly, as it comes in a dimension of 77.5 L x 53 W x 35 H allowing you to move easily inside the house even though the stairs or lift. For setting up this sofa, you will be given an instruction to follow that comes in the package. With that, it will take you less than 20 minutes, as there are no complicated tools required to assemble. Also, you are given a free satisfied service meaning you have a helping hand to solve the problem you encounter until you are happy with this product.

9. Tufted Faux Leather 3-Seat L-Shape Sectional Sofa Couch

9. Best Choice Products

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Next, we have a set of sectional couches that we find very fundamental for your modern and classic apartment. The exclusive and classic part that we referred to is the material and style. The cover of this sofa is made of faux or known as vegan leather. This set of L-shaped sofa comes with a matching ottoman bench that gives you a wide range of options on how to use it in accommodating your resting position such as extending your legs freely or you can also make a full-size bed out of it. Besides, its best quality faux complimented by its voguish design can give a luxurious look to your room especially it was made without harming the animals.

The best part is, the soft foam was used as the back, seat, and ottoman cushion which can create a firm but cozy sensation when you sit or sleep on it. Although it is a type of compact sofa with a dimension of 84.2 x 56 x 33 inches, the structure is very durable, it can handle up to 600 pounds of weight. For hygiene purposes, the leather material is also easy to wipe clean and it will not stain like other fabric material.

8. Serta Copenhagen Sofa Couch for Two People

8. Serta

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Moving on to this elegantly designed two-seaters sofa which is the product of Serta. This loveseat from the Copenhagen collection has a traditional-looking layout with rounded armrests and two seats supported by a soft cushion that link to its straight back cushion. This is an ideal sofa for small spaces especially if you wish to have a classic-kind of sofa displayed in your living room or apartment.

With this sofa, you will not have to compromise your comfort for the sake of space-saving. You can have both at the same time as each cushion is made of high-density material which can offer you restful and complimentary seating. It has a dimension of 78 x 32.5 x 35 inches small enough for a family of two and allows you to move it effortlessly in your house from location to location. Its frame is made of real hardwood, which makes it durable enough to handle heavyweight. As soon as you unpack the sofa, you can follow the instructions in the setting up. it can be put together very easily without using any complicated tool.

7. Novogratz Brittany Sofa Futon

7. Novogratz

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If you are looking for a kind of studio sofa to fit with your stylish apartment Novogratz got you covered. This navy-blue futon has a small touch of a vintage look complemented by top-quality ribbed tufted textile attached to its cushion. Sitting on the sturdy rubberwood legs is its strong wood structure with arms standing out widely and a dimension of 34.5 x 81.5 x 31.5 inches that can handle a maximum weight of 600 pounds.

When it comes to usefulness, this sofa was constructed to be movable in two positions the first one is standing up straight and you can also use it as a convertible split back. Once the backrests are put back, you can use it as a bigger size bed which is supported by its oak colored woody back legs when you sleep on it. Whether you sit or sleep, the same comfortableness will be delivered to you as the cushion is filled with soft foam. For warranty and support, you can visit their website.

6. Giantex Armless Loveseat Sofa

6. Giantex

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Here comes another loveseat sofa with a creative letter design which is the product of Giantex. This sophisticated armless sofa is very trendy for placing in a bedroom, restaurant, or hotel as it is great for space-saving and convenience to move around the house. Its frame is constructed using real wood material to provide a stable and sturdy foundation. Its frame construction is supported by black-coated legs durable enough to sustain heavyweight and guarantee a long period of use.

This chic letter design sofa is designed with a well-contoured curve that will give your space a soft touch of modernity anywhere you place it. Both the seat and backrest are padded with high-quality cushion aiming to maximize the comfort of your family. Beneath each leg of this sofa lies the floor protector that will be a great help in minimizing scratching damages to the tile or woody floor when moving the sofa. Aside from that, the floor protector will also protect the woody legs from depleting.

5. Modern Bonded Leather Sectional Sofa

5. Divano Roma Furniture

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This sectional sofa from Divano Roma Furniture is definitely a game-changer for small spaces. This chaise has a leather cover on the backrest and the seat that allows you to rest luxuriously and comfortably. It also comes with a detached ottoman that is good for both stand-alone use and attached to the sectional sofa. This product has a dimension of 78 x 54 x 34 inches, not too big for a compact apartment but not too small that it cannot accommodate your 3-4 members’ family.

The paddings for the seat and backrest are made of thick foam cushion offering you the maximum comfort when you sleep or sit on it. Adding to that, the durability of this sofa will guarantee you an extended period of use as the frame is made of hardwood material complemented by its sturdy legs. It is good to know in advance that this product will require a little assembly before it can be used, specifically the legs need to be screwed on, but it will not be too difficult and complicated for you as you are given the instruction to follow and that will come with its package.

4. Zinus Jackie Love Seats, Loveseat

4. Zinus

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Next, we have another premium quality classic loveseat sofa from Zinus. This loveseat sofa is not only good for the look, but it is also great in terms of usage. It comes in a gentle grey color very professional and uniforms for the office or study room. The cover of this sofa is coated by the man-made polyester fabric which can be cleaned easily. This type of fabric is also well-known for being very therapeutic and can keep the stress away.

This product has dimensions of 53.5 x 31.1 x 34.6 inches which is ideal for small spaces or rooms. In addition, it comes with a classic armrest on both ends that allow you to rest your elbow as you are sitting. The construction is made of real wood coated by cuddly and adjuvant foam cushion. If you have trouble finding the part to assemble once unpacked, you can look at the base section on the bottom compartment where all accessories are kept for assembling and this process will take you only around 20 minutes.

3. L-Shaped Couch with Modern Linen Fabric


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If you have been looking for a convertible L sectional sofa HONBAY is here to offer you one with the best quality. If you are worrying that your sofa will wear out or damage as time passes, this one is not your regular sofa as It will get better the more you use it. It has a dimension of 78.5 x 35 x 30.5 that can even fit for your upstairs loft. This sofa is not only space-saving but it is also convenient to move it from place to place.

If we look in the detail, the seat cushion is made of pocket coils that are great in promoting airflow. The detachable ottoman that comes with the package is very useful as you can put it anywhere to either on the right side or left side and you can also use the ottoman as a stand-alone seat if you wish to and this is how this product got its name as convertible chaise sofa. This top-quality construction allows it to handle up to 660 pounds of weight. In order to install, you only need to follow the instructions without any tools required.

2. Convertible Sectional Sofa Couch Modern Linen Fabric


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We have another great convertible sectional couch from HONBAY and this one has gray in color. For a long-lasting couch, you will never regret choosing this product as it has excellent quality that you can trust. This piece of furniture has a structure made of solid wood which is a durable material great for handling heavyweight. Its structure has a dimension of 78.5 x 35 x 30.3 and is supported by tough legs that have the capacity to withstand 660 pounds of weight.

In addition, the seat and backrest cushion is made using breathable material wrapped by stress relieving fabric. This great combination is the most important feature which was embedded in most expensive furniture in order to deliver comfortableness to the users. Besides, it is convenient for cleaning purposes that you can wipe it off with a soft dry cloth and your sofa will look brand new again.

1. Collection Convertible Sofa

1. Serta

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Last but not least, we have a sofa from the Rane collection of Serta. This is another sofa with a convertible backrest that allows you to set the backrest into a flat position in order to have a bigger surface bed or lounger. Webbed inside the cushion is the high-density foam and the pocket coils that help to make it become more breathable. These features allow you to sit or sleep on this sofa with ultimate comfort. In addition, it has a contemporary design that fits with your modern living.

The frame is constructed using eucalyptus wood in order to make it durable. With a dimension of 66.1 x 33.1 x 29.5 inches, this sofa is very ideal for small spaces. Adding to that, it is also very easy to assemble each part as there are sufficient tools provided inside the package and you will only have to follow the instructions.

Buying Guide:

Size and dimension: If you are not aware, this case could happen that your doorway cannot even fit the size of the package because some sofa is not very big, but it is almost completely assembled inside the package which means it requires a lesser installment and this reason makes the package big.

Durable frame: real wood is highly recommended for a durable frame and it is important to avoid particle boards as it cannot hold nails or glues for a very long time.

Cushioning: just as important, cushioning is the factor that provides comfort to the user. In choosing a cushion, it depends on personal preference. If you are on the firmer side you might not want to choose memory foam as might be too soft for your liking.


After reading our recommended products and the buying guide, we hope you can purchase the sofa of your dream to fit your compact space without spending so much time at the furniture shop.

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