Top 10 Best Digital Rulers


No matter if you are a professional or amateur who is doing architecture, sketching, woodworking, or other craft-related jobs, having the right tools to work with is really important to ensure maximum productivity in your work.

One of those tools is known as digital rules or some may refer to a digital protractor or digital angle finder ruler. Although a lot of the works can now be done by the top computer to see and set the angle, a lot of other works still require having high-quality digital rulers that you can use physically.

If you are also looking to purchase the best digital rulers, here you are in the right place. In this article, we will be introducing the top 10 best digital rulers that are currently available on the market. Keep reading to find out more about each product and its details.

10. General Tools 823 Digital Angle Finder Rule

10. General Tools - 823 10 inch

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The first product on the list is from this famous brand called General Tools. What’s great about this digital ruler is that you can set lock or reverse angle functions to measure your item. It’s very easy and incredibly accurate for measurement.  Moreover, General Tools offers a full range from 0 to 360 degrees to make sure that you can use it for a full angel finding purpose.

What’s also special about it is this digital ruler has a hold function that allows you to lock the angle at a certain degree, so you can use the same angle to apply for other items to match the accuracy. Since this digital rule has a wide LCD display, you can easily read the number from a distance, too. The total length of this digital rule is 10”, so it’s compact enough to fit in your bag easily.

9. Digital Protractor Angle Finder Ruler for Crown, Trim, Woodworking

9. Calculated Industries

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Moving onto the next product, in the top 9th, we have this high-quality digital ruler from Calculated Industries. What makes Calculated Industries a digital ruler so popular is because it’s very easy to use, to read, and to bring along with. Constructed with premium quality stainless steel, this digital gives an absolutely precise measurement of any work you do. Moreover, it can also measure 360-degree with east at +/-0.3 degree accuracy; giving you the best angle finding experience. Also, it also features a large LCD screen display that even if you have myopia, you can easily see the number without having to come closer to the ruler.

To make sure it has a longer service life, Calculated Industries offers its ruler with a high-quality protective case that allows you to store the ruler properly, a 3V battery, and manual instruction. Last but not least, you will also get a 2-year guarantee on the product, too.

8. Digital Angle Finder Protractor with Zeroing and Locking Function

8. Suncala

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Next, we have another highly recommended digital ruler from Suncala. This 7-inch digital ruler is another great ruler that can serve multifunction no matter if you want to use it to measure the length or to determine the angle, metric along with the imperial scale. Suncala also uses stainless steel to produce this ruler so you would not have to worry about it getting rusted or anything. Moreover, it is very simple and effortless to use.

While some digital ruler has a short service life from its battery, Suncala can last up to 2000 hours after you unbox it because it uses the famous CR2032 coin battery. This coin battery is also included in the package when you purchase, you would not have to purchase it differently. It comes ready to use.

7. 360 Degrees Inch Metric Scale Rulers, DIY Tools


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On the top 7th, the best digital protractor is found to be from SDFSX. It’s another high-quality digital ruler that performs both length measuring and angle finding. It is super accurate and it has the result appear instantly as you move each ruler. SDFSX also has the three popular buttons functions that include unit transform function, hold data function and reset function; making it perfect to use for any woodworking, drawing, construction, or even some part of vehicle maintenance.

Also, each button on this digital ruler is very easy to press and direct, so you can easily set it to any mode including on/off with no problem.

6. Digital Angle Locator and Ruler

6. Johnson Level & Tool - 1888-1100 11-Inch

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Moving on to the next best digital angle finder ruler in the list, we have this from Johnson Too & Level. Designed with only 2 button operations, Johnson Tool & Level digital ruler is super simple and easy to use. Each ruler is constructed from high-quality stainless steel that is totally resisted to rust and corrosion. Moreover, you can easily lock the ruler at any angle you want to with this ruler and the angle will stay accurately secure.

Like the other top digital rulers on the market, this brand also offers its product with a battery included in a pack, so you can start using it right away when you get it. Furthermore, Johnson Level & Tool provides a 1-year warranty on its product against manufacturer’s defect or workmanship, so you can either get a replacement or repair of the product to make sure it remains functional for you regardless.

5. Angle Locator/Ruler

5. Johnson Level & Tool - 1888-0700 7

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On the top 5th, there’s another popular-purchased digital angle locator again from Johnson Level & Tool. What makes this different from the previous product from Johnson Level & Tool is in terms of length, this one is shorter. With the full measurement of 7 inches for each ruler, this product is compact enough to be carried anywhere for any use.

Besides, this model has all the important functions that you can find on the model from Johnson Level & Tool digital ruler including stainless steel material, 2 button operation, zero button set, lock function, and more. On top of that, this model also has an automatic shut off that it’s set to shut off after 6 minutes when you don’t use it, so it can save more battery even though you don’t turn it off manually.

4. Digital Angle Finder Rule, 5-Inch

4. General Tools

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Moving to the next product, we have another professional rate quality digital angle finder again from General Tools. As you may have already known about the quality of the product from this brand, this one would have no exception. Using a hinge mechanism that integrates with this ruler, it allows users to have a full angle locator up to 360-degree inside out. On top of that, this ruler is measured at only 5 inches which can easily fit in your pocket as you work, so it’s highly portable.

Despite the compact design, General Tools makes sure that its digital ruler has a large screen that is wide enough to see the angle degree without trying. With General Tool’s digital rulers, no job is too big or too small.

3. Stainless Steel Ruler 360 Degree with Locking and Zeroing Function

3. Beslands

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Here at the top 3rd in the list, we have this product belonging to a brand called Beslands. With a total length measurement of 20cm, this digital rule can be used not only for angle measuring that ranges up to 360-degree, but it can also be used as a typical ruler measurement for drawing. With the hold function integrating into this ruler, it can make sure that the angle remains unchanged when you set it.

Also coming with a full set including CR2032 battery, this ruler can be used for years and more without having to worry about it being less functional. No matter if you are a professional or you only need to use this for your DIY project, Deslands is one of your top options.

2. 200mm Stainless Steel Angle Gauge


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Moving on to the top 2nd best digital angle finder, here we have another famous brand called HORUSDY that a lot of customers have bought this useful product from. It’s worth mentioning that a great point about this digital protractor is that it serves many functions including being used as an angle ruler, straight ruler, and square ruler. Each of these tasks can be performed easily by simply owning HORUSDY ruler because it has the perfect accuracy of the angle that is shown clearly on the LCD display screen. Moreover, this digital ruler can also be set to choose the scale option between mm and inch, so no matter what scale you are most familiar with, this digital ruler has them all. Another unique thing about this is that you can set its angle to zero in any position so from then on, you can start setting a new angle again.

With a total length of 400mm; especially if you want to use it for straight-line function, you can draw with a wider distance using this ruler. Another special point about purchasing the digital ruler from this brand is you will also get a battery and a clear detail of instructions on how to use the ruler; both of them included in the package without any extra charge.

1. Digital Angle Finder Protractor (Stainless steel, 7inch/200mm)

1. GemRed

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Finally, we’ve come to the last product on the list which means it is also the number best digital angle finder that must look to purchase if you are looking for one. It is a product from this brand called GemRed. Obviously, in terms of function, GemRed is really useful as it has a combination of ruler and protractor in just one product, so no matter how you want to use it, measuring, drawing, or even finding an angle, you would be able to do so with ease. Moreover, in order to ensure that you only need to buy one digital ruler in your lifetime, GemRed made its product with sturdy stainless steel so the product is free from rust and corrosion no matter how long you use it. On top of that, it has all the functions that other top digital rulers have. All functions include having a clear digital readout, zero settings available from any angle as well as angle locking.

A lot of users gave many stars with positive reviews about how they wished they bought this ruler years ago because it is now super useful to them. It’s worth mentioning that despite all this great quality you see from GemRed, this product is actually reasonably priced, so you wouldn’t have to empty your pocket to get this great product. Instead, upon your purchase, you will get a coin battery that allows it to perform up to 2000 hr of service life and a user manual that you can read to understand more about to use this product.

Buying Guides:

When it comes to buying the digital ruler, there are a few short tips that we’d like to share with you. First of all, why buying this kind of product, try to look for as many functions as you possibly can. While a typical digital protractor will have an angle lock, big screen, made from stainless steel, there are a few more functions that will add up more use of it too. Functions like IP67 or other waterproof technology will be what you should aim to look for. Moreover, you should also look at the detailed level of the ruler including the accuracy rate. A great digital ruler will have an accuracy rate of no more than +/-0.3 degree

So you want to make sure that you don’t grab any problem that has an accuracy level bigger than this. Moreover, you should also check if your digital ruler will come with a battery in it. Otherwise, we highly suggest that you purchase CR2032 coin batteries because they have a leading service life that is longer than any type of coin battery.


After reading through all of these, we are sure you can now start purchasing the best digital ruler that will work best for your job and don’t need to thank you; you are very welcome.

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