Top 10 Best Electric Motorbike For Kids


So, do you have a problem finding a suitable toy for your beloved son or daughter? Nowadays it is not much of a problem to find children’s toys, right? You can find those toys everywhere and it’s more convenient compared to a decade ago. Every product seems more modern and brilliant that actually could help the children experience something new, or they might find their dream by chance. Even more, they also can learn and be able to understand more about themselves. As we know, different people come with different preferences or tastes. You can’t force them to love something they don’t. For example, you can’t turn white into black or the other way around. This concept also applies to children, either boy or girl. There is no rule saying boys must like boyish stuff while girls must be girly or like the pink color as long as those things don’t do any harm toward them.

Here we would like to introduce one toy that kids nowadays tend to find them cool and most adventurous or brave young kids are attracted to. It’s an electric motorbike for kids. I guess most parents seem worried and protective when their kids show interest in this because they think it’s dangerous. Yet, you don’t have to feel that anxious, below are some products that you can take into consideration.

10. Kids Electric Power Motorcycle 6V


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HOVER HEART has introduced a new model of electric motorcycles for kids. If we have to compare it’s to be more specific, it’s the same as a sports bike for adults but this is the children’s version. This model is well designed for young children to drive around the house on their playtime. By looking at the product itself, we can see that the designer thinks of safety as a priority for children.

This sizable motorbike made it possible for any kid to be able to drive with as the manufacturer recommended that children who have the range of age from 5 months old up can ride on this. According to the feedback from customers, so far the oldest age that parent orders for their kid are 5 years old. There is LED light for the bike along with blue light placed on both front and back wheels.

The elder doesn’t have to worry that it’s not suitable for the younger as there’s a support wheel put on both sides of the body, so even if there’s no supporter behind to hold them, the bike itself won’t fall. Also, the footrest is for the kid to put their leg while driving. The height of the bike is around 29.53 inches so most customers are 3 years old since it’s a perfect height for them.

By charging overnight, the maximum usage can be up to 2h or more according to how much you use each time. However, the item is shipped in pieces so you need to put them together by following the in structure, but it won’t take much​ time to install as all the most important parts are already put together.

9. Electric Battery Powered Motorcycle Ride On Toy


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This might be perfect for your kid. Why? Because there’s music installed on the bike. This bike gives you a real feeling that’s similar to driving an off-road model. There’s a front light with a super bright light bulb attached to the bike and a honking sound button to press.

This electric motorbike has a rechargeable battery that needs around 8 to 12 hours to fully charge. The front-wheel will be supported by 3 wheels at the back. But there are no brakes set for the motorbike as the speed is very low. This might be a good present for 3 to 7-year-olds as they will be strong enough to use it.

8. 12V Kids Battery Powered Electric 4-Wheeler Quad ATV

8. Best Choice Products

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If you still feel bothered by motorbikes, you can choose this 4-wheeler for your beloved kid since it’s almost like a car but without a roof. Most kids will surely be attracted to this model as it looks comfortable for them to sit on. As you can see, you also can get your girls this type of motorbike as it’s not dangerous. There’re also many functions such as the sound of engine start, a loud horn, with 2 types of motor speeds, and a LED light.

The head is not too big for a kid to manage and suitable to drive for any place. Furthermore, driving on sand is not a problem due to its 4 wheels to support the body so when you are on a trip to a place with sand like a beach or anywhere with a free space, don’t forget to get one for them.

7. MX650 Rocket Electric Motocross Bike

7. Razor MX650

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Razor has released a new model of an electric motorbike for kids which is MX650 Rocket electric motocross bike. This will give children an experience of what a real driver is like. With a tall build from the manufacturers, give the user the chance to drive on different land even though it can’t be perfect like the real Motocross bike but the kid will get the gist of the feelings.

There’s a brake for this type of motorbike as it comes with more power than others; however, it’s still manageable for young children. The maximum battery charging is 8h and you can keep driving without break for around 40mn or sometimes a bit more. The age perfect for driving this should be around 12 years old or up.

6. 24V Electric Toy Motocross Motorcycle Dirt Bike

6. Razor MX400

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Another version of Razor’s electric bike is MX400 dirt rocket. The motor doesn’t make any loud sounds so it can be driven around the house or in the yard without bothering your neighbors. The handlebar is strong and comfortable to hold on for a long time. The product is well made; it looks almost like a real adult motorbike in every aspect.

The brake on the left hand can be seen as for managing the speed. For speed, it’s set as 14 miles per hour. The overall structure of this motorbike gives out a cool look and the kid will surely love this adventurous feeling. For kids around 13 years, old they will absolutely love this as a gift since this is the age of full curiosity and need to explore more.

5. Pulse Performance Products EM-1000 E-Motorcycle

5. Pulse Performance Products

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This motorbike doesn’t give you an enormous feeling just from the look of it. The bike is well built and strong enough to support kids from 8 years old up. The plastic body of the bike is of good quality and supported by strong metal that connects both wheels. With a 24 volt battery, it can support continuous activity up to 40 minutes.

There’s also a rear hand brake next to the handle to slow down the speed while riding the bike; however, the speed itself is not that fast for you to worry about any accident could occur. You can get your kid this electric bike for them to ride in the neighborhood or some playground.

4. Razor Pocket Mod Miniature Euro Electric Scooter

4. Razor Pocket Mod

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This time Razor released a bike that gives you a different feeling from a motocross bike. Just from the look, you can see this is perfect for your little girls to ride and they would love it if you purchase for them. But this product is designed for both genders, even boys can ride on one if they look for something comfortable and simple. If we have to compare, this scooter is the safest so far. I know you also agree with that point. This electric scooter doesn’t look any different from the one for adults, that same goes for the process of how it works. Each time you charge, this e-motorbike can be ridden around 10 miles.

Even though the speed is 15 miles per hour, due to its considerable body, there’s no need to be concerned about it. From 13 years old up, they can handle this without any problem. Plus, the warranty of 90 days is also included.

3. Dirt Rocket SX500 McGrath Electric Motocross Bike

3. Razor Dirt Rocket SX500

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Another e-motorcross bike from Razor, the dirt rocket SX500 McGrath. This model isn’t that different from others version much but this time it’s even more cool and awesome than before. The realistic aura unlike any other bike, your children will be able to experience it. Along with a brake on both handlebars, a durable footrest to support the weight, the user can stand while riding it like a professional motorcycle rider.

But for safety, kids who are new to this model of the bike are recommended not to try that. The long seat can support up to 2 children. This is suitable for teens only, from the age of 13-year-old up.

2. 12V Police Motorcycle

2. 12V Police Motorcycle

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If your children like playing as police or their dream to become one when they grow up, this is the perfect one. Everything, from the sound down to the frame of this motorcycle, it’s exactly the same as the one police rode. The function includes a reverse gear which is better from driving. There are also 2 different options for speeds to choose from.

Moreover, the side mirrors and signal light will help them to be more careful while riding on it. The capacity of each charging will last around 1h. Kids age 5 or up are able to handle this.

1. Dirt Rocket Electric Motocross Off-road Bike for Age 13+

1. Razor MX350

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This Razor MX350 has contrasting styles than before. The handlebar that is attached to the head is taller than before but adjustable for the driver. A middle footrest and a strong kickstand to support the weight of the bike. This dirt bike can be ridden on any land so children can feel adventurous in new environments like a champion rider.

The speed is 14 miles per hour and there’s no annoying sound at all. The rechargeable battery allows the kid to use up to 30 minutes unstoppable. This electric bike is available for 13 years old or up. The 90 days warranty also provided.

Buying Guide

Seriously, these electric motorbikes are quite famous for kids nowadays. But, what gives you a headache the most is where to buy one with a high rate of quality since safety is a must when it comes to this kind of toy. Then, it’s the job of the parent to conduct a study thoroughly before purchasing it.

  • Type: This is based on personal preference, so you should ask your children what style they want, the same goes for the color. There are many kinds of electric bikes like dirt bikes, sportbikes, 4 wheels, scooters and many more.
  • Size: As we had already mentioned about the type in the above point, you cannot let them choose whatever they want. If it seems dangerous or they are too young for those, you must help them make decisions. Parents must search for what is suitable for their age first. Height also counts; make sure their feet touch the ground property and not the tip of the foot.
  • Weight: You cannot overlook this part as some motorbikes come with an acceptable size, but the weight itself is not suitable for some kids. A perfect motorbike should be the one that the user can handle it himself without any difficulty.
  • Brake: Brake is the most critical part. To ensure safety, you must purchase motorbikes that have hand brakes.


To sum up, you must be extra careful when choosing an electric motorbike for your kid. As a parent, you must make a wise decision for them to be able to enjoy it to their full heart’s content. So, after finishing reading those products and along with a buying guide we provided, I believe you already know what to get for your beloved children as a gift for their birthday or any special occasion.

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