Top 10 Best Folding Hand Trucks Reviews


For big warehouses, there is no doubt we need automated trucks to carry pieces of baggage around. For small warehouses, there should be a deal and smarter ways we should work with heavy loads as well. That’s why we often use folding hand trucks to carry all those cases and units of baggage.

A folding hand truck is beneficial whenever we can reap advantages from the product. It can carry stuff around and load/unload quicker and easier. It saves us time and a handful of energy. This isn’t just for a small warehouse. A folding hand truck is also beneficial for those of you who are running a store that requires a folding hand truck for time and energy-efficient uses.

Without further due, we are here to present you with the ten best folding hand trucks in 2020 with some product’s buying guides. You will find a product buying guide very helpful later for helping you to settle with a satisfying purchase.

10. Folding Luggage Dual Handle

10. Liberty Industrial

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Liberty Industrial is an excellent folding hand truck, to begin with. It is a special one and one of the toppers among many other folding hand trucks for some reason. The product, first, has a loading capacity of 250 pounds that is a solid amount for a loading truck. Additionally, it is manufactured with aluminum that is a solid material to produce it. The material, therefore, gives in long-lasting uses to it. It does come fully assembled so that there won’t be any hassles for assembling Liberty Industrial.

Moreover, although the wheel hub is manufactured with plastic; it is in fact a durable material to start. It boasts flexibility for the wheels down there as you are maneuvering the folding hand truck. Users can also fold it up for use and fold it down for storage when not in use. As a result, it’s a special and one of the most exceptional folding hand trucks available out there in the market because of these mentioned qualities.

9. Heavy-Duty Luggage Trolley Cart With Telescoping Handle

9. Mount It

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We don’t need to check out in great detail to know Mount-It is one of the most impressive and outstanding folding hand trucks out there. First, users can conveniently store it for later uses. It can be in your garages, storage rooms, closets, under the bed, and in vehicles. That’s extra for a conveniently folding hand truck. Besides, it is manufactured from an aluminum alloy that is a premium material to produce such folding hand trucks. The loading capacity is 264 pounds.

Smooth-rolling is guaranteed with it because of Mount It’s rubber wheels. What’s more, the product’s telescope is as long as 42 inches that keeps things simple and easy for loading. The handgrip is constructed with rubber foam that earns a strong and soft-grip once you handle it. In addition, users can unfold it for later storage without any hassles. Users can figure out instantly once you get it at hand. Lastly, it doesn’t require any assembly at all.

8. Folding Hand Truck Heavy Duty Capacity Portable

8. KingSo

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KingSo is so impressive and superb-qualified as a folding hand truck. It is a very heavy-duty product. The folding hand truck is constructed with aluminum alloy. That gives in long-lasting uses and toughness for it. Besides, the wheels are manufactured with PVC material that is wear-resistant and can bear any types of terrains. This isn’t yet done with KingSo. It has a loading capacity of 330 pounds. It’s good to go for loading anything with it.

Moreover, users will just need to touch the toe plat to unfold it instantly. There doesn’t require any assembly at all. What’s more, it doesn’t take much space for you to store the folding hand truck. You got the garages, storage rooms, closets, and vehicles to store it. Lastly, users can use it for very many purposes. Those purposes can include the folding hand truck for loading travel baggage to a loader for warehouses.

7. Capacity Folding Hand Truck Dolly

7. Vergo

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Vergo is an all excellent folding hand truck everyone can take into your consideration. The telescoping handle is so convenient for users to load their baggage and items on it. The nose plate keeps things simple and easy for folding up and down for use or storage purposes. Additionally, the product is constructed with aluminum alloy. The aluminum frame assures long-lasting uses and high performance.

Aside from some of these mentioned qualities, it has a loading capacity of 275 pounds. For the folding part, it’s a very convenient folding hand truck as it can become very compact that users can store it in your garages or even under your bed. What’s more, the folding hand truck is finished with a silver coating that boasts further the product’s outlook design that is already amazing with its structural design.

6. Capacity Stair Climbing Folding Hand Truck

6. UpCart

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UpCart delivers noticeable loading capacity. It has a loading capacity of 200 pounds. Nevertheless, it’s not all for the main advantages of UpCart. It’s outstanding because it’s good with all types of terrains as a folding hand truck. Despite its lightweight, it can go round with tough terrains. Furthermore, users can adjust the height of the handle with it. The design is for users’ convenience as you can always adjust the handle’s height with only a button.

Besides, it comes fully assembled, so there shouldn’t be any hassles for it at all. The product is thus a good start to lift anything from hauling wood to a washing machine because of its great loading capacity. What’s more, users can fold it very flat and literally flat for easy storage of the folding hand truck itself. Lastly, it is manufactured with aluminum alloy that is a premium material to produce such folding hand trucks out there.

5. Magna Cart Flatform 300 lb Capacity

5. Welcom

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Users can go two different choices with Welcom. We can either go for the loading capacity of 300 pounds or loading capacity of 500 pounds. Moreover, it features four wheels that assure the tough capacity of Welcom to just load and lift anything. It assures the reliability of it. Moreover, users can fold it flat. That’s why it’s an amazing and excellent hand-folding truck out there for storage as well as transportation. Users can bring it around anywhere and store it anywhere as it can easily fold flat.

What’s more, it’s easy to maneuver. The front wheels can rotate 360 degrees with it. As the structure is collapsible alongside the simple maneuvering of it, the combined advantages further boost the folding hand truck’s solid and reliable performance. Lastly, the wheels are constructed with rubber. Because of the premium quality of the rubber, the wheels are also wear-resistant with it. Lastly, users can adjust the height of handles and customize it to your height. That is the best convenience the product will offer to its buyers.

4. Folding Hand Truck Portable Folding Hand Cart

4. Cosco Products

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It’s great to have Cosco Products hand loading-trucks around. With this unit, you won’t have any hassles for the loading capacity of 1000 pounds. Furthermore, it is supported by four smooth-rolling wheels. In fact, users can customize whether it becomes a two-wheel hand loading truck or four-wheel loading track instantly. The transformation is up to personal demands because the two-wheel mode has a loading capacity of 800 pounds only. No matter what, it’s easier and more convenient to maneuver Cosco Products with the two wheels.

Besides, the wheels are made up of tires that have no chance of getting flat. What’s more, users will get maximum control with it. It’s firm, and the handle is good to go for. Lastly, the company has decades of experience in the industry and is one of the leading companies in the industry as well. Overall, the product design is smart and genius with everything has already been calculated.

3. Folding Hand Truck Portable Folding Hand Cart

3. FCH

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FCH is tough because it is manufactured with aluminum alloy. The material also enables long-lasting uses of the folding hand truck itself. Besides, the material is rust-proofed as we will need to admit this for backing the long-lasting performance of the product itself. Additionally, the wheels are also premium with it. The whole hand loading truck has a loading capacity of 165 pounds that is good to go for an average-sized hand loading truck.

Moreover, it’s also compact. As a result, it is very easy to store it for later uses. Plus, users can customize the telescoping handle to your heights. With just a push on the button, we all can change and customize the telescoping height. Lastly, the folding hand truck comes handy with a wide range of applications including being a baggage loading truck to a courier loading truck.

2. Cosco Shifter 300-Pound Capacity

2. Welcom 2

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Welcom 2 is one of the most sought-after folding hand trucks available on the market. There are some reasons for its outstanding position. Welcom 2 is manufactured with aluminum alloy that is tough and resistant for long-lasting performance. Furthermore, the wheels are made with rubber that gives in a high loading capacity of 150 pounds for it. In fact, the loading capacity itself designs the folding hand truck to be an average-sized hand-folding truck.

It doesn’t require any assembly at all with it. Users can open and close it within seconds for the folding hand truck. The product is great for an array of applications including serving at home for loading heavy items to offices for loading office materials that are heavy.

1. Cosco Shifter Multi-Position Heavy Duty Folding Hand Truck

1. Cosco Products 2

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There shouldn’t be any hassles of operation with Cosco Products 2. The product has a loading capacity of 300 pounds. That fits into a large-sized folding hand truck out there. Moreover, it features two wheels. In fact, users can either transform it into a two-wheel folding hand truck or four-wheel folding hand truck. That’s for your convenience as the four-wheel truck will have more loading capacity than the two-wheel loading truck.

For simple storage, users can fold it down and make Cosco Products 2 flat with it. That is convenient for storing for later uses. As the company delivers much care to users, we all will need to admit how strong and reliable the product is as a folding hand truck.

Buying Guide

Construction Material: The folding hand truck is supposed to be constructed with quality and premium materials. One of the most outstanding materials out there is an aluminum alloy that is tough and rust-proofed. It gives in long-lasting uses of the product itself.

Loading Capacity: An average-sized folding hand truck should have a loading capacity of at least 150 pounds. That’s a basis for the hand folding truck. Furthermore, for the large-sized folding hand truck, the loading capacity can be around 300 pounds. Lastly, for the extra-large hand-folding truck, it can load up to 1000 pounds. Therefore, it is up to your demands to consider one or another.

Adjustable Telescope: A telescoping handle that can get adjusted gives flexibility to users. There is a thing or two with adjustable telescopes. The adjusting telescope can get customized to your personal heights, so there shouldn’t be any doubts that it’s convenient with all those adjustable telescopes out there.

Foldability: Users should expect to easily fold up and down those hand-folding trucks out there. As far and easy you can go for the foldability, it’s easy for storage for later uses of the folding hand trucks themselves. You get convenience for easily putting them back and bringing them back to use. This is a superb advantage of foldability.


This isn’t for normal uses unless you have some projects out there. Therefore, a folding hand truck will be very helpful for you. It’s not energy and time-efficient to literally hold heavy items with your bare hands on a regular basis.

As a result, there should be a thing with the folding hand truck. It should come with qualities such as having premium construction material, featuring an adjustable telescope, and comes with foldability to be qualified as a premium folding hand truck. No matter what, the loading capacity is up to your personal demands only.

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