Top 10 Best Kids Rain Boots Reviews


Outdoor activities can enhance kids’ mental and physical health. In order to keep kids safe when playing while it’s drizzling outside, it is a must that the right equipment is provided. And, a must-have item among those products is rain boots.

With a good pair of kids rain boots, on top of shielding the kids’ feet from water, the non-slip base can prevent potential injuries, too. Meanwhile, our team has scoured the Internet and stumbled upon these top 10 best kids’ rain boots of the year. Now, let’s have a look at these fantastic entries.

10. Toddler Kids Lightweight Rain Boots

10. Outee

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Outee rain boots brand has a lovely pick we think your kids will adore. This product is great for both the toddlers and kids who love playing in the rain. The sole of this boot is made from synthetic materials; so the quality of this product is built to last. It is good to notice that the measurement of the shaft is about mid-calf from the arch.

For the enhanced comfort of the user, the material used for designing this product is very light in weight. Plus. your kids will love the gritter lover and design of it. Get these, so your kids can go out and play safely.

Key Features:

  • The rubber material is very light in weight.
  • It comes with many glitter colors.
  • 100% waterproof.
  • Very soft and comfortable to wear.
  • Handles are added to help toddlers put on the shoes.

9. Waterproof Rubber Rain Boots for Kids


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Coming up next, this is the showtime of a pair of incredible boots from the NORTY brand. There are many great features of this product. First of all, the rubber of this product is made from high-quality material. Hence, this pair is both durable and waterproofed. More than this, equipped with handles, that can help the kid become independent by teaching them to put the shoes on and off easily. Please be informed that the rubber at the exterior part of the boot is waterproof.

In addition, the base part of the boot is non-slip rubber which assures added safety. If you need to clean the shoes, feel free to do so with the wet cloth. There are 22 different patterns you can choose for your kids easily. Best yet, you will get a 30-day warranty when you make a purchase, too.

Key Features:

  • Constructed from high-quality rubber.
  • The boots are completely waterproofed.
  • It can be cleaned up easily.
  • Backed by a reliability warranty.
  • Available in many colors for you to choose from.

8. Crocs Kids Unisex Crocband Jaunt (Toddler/Little Kid)

8. Crocs

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Crocs, a popular brand in the shoe industry, make a presence over here, introducing to you a superb pair of kids rain boots. The first awesome point of the pair is, these are a man-made product that is perfect for both sexes. The boot opening is around 8.5 inches, so kids can wear it comfortably. It is constructed to withstand the harsh use on rainy days.

The rubber of these boots is very soft; therefore, the kids will love it. To add extra comfort to the toddler, the boots are known for their ultra-lightweight as well. There are many sizes for children and juniors, so make sure you choose the right one for them.

Key Features:

  • These boots are known to be the right choice for rainy days.
  • Produced from super lightweight materials.
  • Designed to have an adorable style for kids.
  • Shock-absorption feature.
  • Suitable for both toddlers and little kids.

7. Kids Waterproof Rubber Rain Boots


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If you are looking for something adorable and nice for your kid, let us introduce to you these rubber rain boots from the OAKI brand. First of all, this product is designed to be light in weight. Since this pair is light, kids can walk around in these boots easily. We highly recommend this product for a fun exploring time and an outdoor trip. The main material used to design these boots is a high-quality rubber. Not only does the material offer long-term use, but it also fights against odor as well.

In addition, for enhanced durability, the rubber will stay dry all the time. A handle is built-in with the boots, so you can hang them, or hook them anywhere you want. Indeed, these rain boots are what your playful kid needs the most.

Key Features:

  • Designed to ease the carrying process.
  • The exterior part can withstand rain and water well.
  • The interior part is added with a liner that keeps the kid warm.
  • The base is designed from a non-slip material.
  • Produced from high-quality natural rubber.

6. Crocs Kids’ Crocband Rain Boot

6. Crocs

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Another rain boots we believe your kid will love goes to these Crocs Kid’s boot. This imported product is thoroughly designed from synthetic materials. The measurement of the shaft is about mid-calf from the arch. The boot opening is up to 8 inches, making it very convenient for toddlers to wear. This unisex boot is perfect for the rainy day as it can protect the kid’s feet well.

With the roomy fit design of it, it will not hard your baby at all. Another great feature of it is, the total weight of the boot is very light. The kids will enjoy wearing it for many hours. We guarantee that the kid will get the model they are attracted to since there are many colors for them to choose.

Key Features:

  • It is well designed to be waterproof boots.
  • The boots have additional room for the convenience of putting on and taking off.
  • Easy to clean.
  • Fit well in the kids’ feet.
  • The material used is light in weight.

5. Kid’s Waterproof Printed Rain Boot

5. Western Chief

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We have spotted another kids’ friendly product you shouldn’t miss, and it is no other than this Western Chief brand. These boots use a combination of cotton and polyester. To ensure that the boots are more durable, the sole is made from leather and rubber. It is also good to know that the opening of the boots is 10.75 inches. The rubber used for this boot is natural rubber, and it is very flexible.

With this pair of boots, we guarantee that your kids will enjoy the outdoor activities in a safe way. More than this, you will notice the soft cotton lining at the insole too. It is added for making the boot soft and warm to wear. If you need to clean it, feel free to do it with the wet cloth.

Key Features:

  • The insole is totally removable.
  • Designed to be easy to pull on and off.
  • The rubber can be cleaned with ease.
  • The slip-resistant feature will keep the kid-safe.
  • The inner part is very soft and comfortable for the feet.

4. Toddler Kids Rain Boots Rubber Cute Printed


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Who said the rain boots cannot make the child look more lovely? These are adorable boots that are well decorated with many colors. It is also known to be a cost-effective way to keep your kids safe too. With the fact that it is added with the non-slip base, the kid can enjoy playing in the rain and mud without any concern.

This user-friendly product is designed to be very easy to take on and off. The handle on this boot allows you to hang it easily too. Don’t worry, it is guaranteed to be 100% waterproof. Getting this product will never waste your money since it is very durable.

Key Features:

  • Tested and proven to be 100% waterproof.
  • Very comfy and durable to wear.
  • The insole can be detachable for convenience cleaning time.
  • Designed with a non-slip base.
  • Very easy to handle and carry around.

3. Kids Girl Boy Rain Boots, Waterproof Rubber Printed with Handles

3. KomForme

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KomForme makes an appearance over here with these cute looking boots during the rainy season. They are a product made from high-quality rubber. To enhance the shoes’ quality, the sole of the boot is also made from rubber. If you want your kid to go out during the rain safely, then it is a wise choice to get the to rain boots. These shoes are also safe for the kid as the material is ensured to be free from toxic materials.
In terms of the design, this pair is perfect for the kid to carry it around too. Last but not least, this boot is ideal for wet, dry, scorching, and freezing time.

Key Features:

  • Perfect for rainy as well as dry seasons.
  • Easy to put on and take off.
  • Designed to be very comfortable to wear.
  • The rubber is designed from the waterproof material.
  • These rubber boots are high enough to protect kids from the mud.

2. Crocs Kids’ Handle It-Rain Boot

2. Crocs

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Similar to many Crocs products, these kids’ boots are well known for their durability as well. The pair is designed to have a large opening; therefore, toddlers can wear the shoes by themselves easily. These are suitable rain boots for both baby girls and boys, and they will never restrict their movement. It is specially designed for the rainy day; however, it is also great for cozy days as well.
With the roomy fit design, the shoes will never hurt the kids’ feet at all. Adding to that, there are many different colors you can choose as well.

Key Features:

  • Designed for enhanced safety and versatility for the user.
  • Roomy fit to ensure the easiness of putting the boots on and off.
  • Effortless to clean.
  • Come in many different colors.
  • Perfect for both boys and girls.

1. Rain Boots with Easy-On Handles in Fun Patterns & Solid Colors


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The last product on the list today are these lovely LONECONE Rain Boots. This pair is smartly designed to be very light in weight, so it is perfect for outdoor hunting activities. More than just being good quality rain boots, these shoes are also suitable for wearing in all seasons. The kids can help themselves by putting it on and taking it off without asking for help.

The handles are great if the kids want to carry these boots around. Another last desirable feature of the shoes is the BPA-free material chosen.

Key Features

  • Designed with a useful handle.
  • The rubber is very soft and flexible.
  • Perfect for use in all seasons.
  • It comes with many patterns and colors for kids to choose from.
  • Guaranteed to be free from BPA materials.


Reaching the end of the article, you have just looked at the top 10 best kids’ rain boots of 2020. These picks are guaranteed to be safe, well-made, carefully designed, and sure can perform up to par. But, if you still have doubts on how to choose the most suitable pair, now let’s read through some of the kid’s rain boots buying guides our team has curated as well.

Buying Guides

  • Material: For the kid’s safety, it is important that you also pay close attention to the materials used as well. We highly recommend rain boots which are free from harmful materials like BPA, and ones that have a non-slip base. Plus, make sure the water-resistant property of the shoes is dependable as well.
  • Comfort Factor: Indeed, the shoes shouldn’t pain your kid’s feet. Whether the shoes are made from rubber, synthetic or leather, make sure these materials are of good quality, lightweight, soft enough, and comfortable to wear. What’s more, make sure the shoes offer a good fit — without being too tight or too loose.
  • Flexibility: The rain boots should not be hard and difficult to wear at all. When choosing the boots, it is ideal to get the ones that are made from soft yet durable rubber. That can enhance the mobility of the kids well. All parents should get such a good and practical product for the kid since it can encourage them to wear good quality boots/shoes whenever they go out.

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