Top 10 Best Mini Bikes For Kids


Education and Physical development are equally important areas for kids’ growth. Some parents prefer teaching their kids indoors because they fear that their kids might get into accidents. This is the reason why they are totally against it when their kid asks for their first minibike. Don’t get us wrong, it is parents’ nature to worry about their kids’ safety when playing, but small accidents are totally acceptable. Getting bruises and small cuts today will teach them how to prevent that from happening in the future.

As your kids are developing, it is good that they want to be exposed to many things in order to be able to adapt to the outside environment. A bunch of outdoor activities including biking is great in helping your kid improve their physical skill and that will also be a benefit for them once they grow up. It is difficult to say no when your children ask for something. If you are planning to grant your children’s wish, we can help you by recommending some good mini bikes from famous manufacturing companies that will allow your hyperactive children to take a calculated risk.

Below, we have compiled a list of 10 best mini bikes that were designed with safety in mind and suitable for both the physical improvement and pleasure of your kids.

10. SYX Mini Dirt Bike for Kid


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To begin with, we will introduce a uniquely designed green mini dirt bike from SYX MOTO. We totally recommend this for amateur young riders who are getting their hand on biking for the first time as it comes with 2 simple features. The first one is the engine that requires only 2 strokes on the piston to activate the power cycle, and the 2nd feature is it is equipped with a speed limiter that allows your kid to ride within a specific range of speed from 15mph to 30 mph.

In addition to that, it only weighs 22kg and has a height of 23 inches which is appropriate for a young adult from 6 years old and above to handle. If we look at the capacity, it comes with a fuel tank that can store up to 1.7L of lubricant oil which enables a maximum speed of 40km/h. For safety reasons, the tires have attached disc brakes that will work effectively in controlling the speed of the bike.

It is also convenient to set up as it will be 85% readily assembled upon delivery. For the remaining parts, you need to install a shock absorber, handlebar, the front wheel, and fender. Do not worry if you encounter any difficulty, aside from the given instruction you can also contact the technical specialist to help you with the process. If any defect, you are also backed by the warranty provided.

9. Electric Scooter & Mini Bike

9. Viro Rides

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In contrast to the first dirt bike, we present you with a smaller power engine which is a mini electric scooter from Viro Rides. At one push on the button, this foldable scooter can transform itself very quickly from scooter to mini bike allowing you to enjoy two different types of the ride both sitting and standing position with only one vehicle. It is designed to accommodate the kids at their growing phase as the height can be adjusted to fit a comfortable posture when riding.

The bike also provides better braking performance with its powerful disc brakes attached to the tires. It has a built-in lever at the handlebar which allows you to easily activate the brake when you need to slow down or stop the scooter. Like previously mentioned, this is a type of lower power engine vehicle, battery-operated using a 100-watt motor. For this reason, the rider can ride within the speed of 10mph. Based on the manufacturer, it can accommodate weight up to 120 pounds which makes it the best scooter for kids around 8 years old and above.

8. MotoTec Gas Pocket Bike 33cc 2-Stroke Black

8. MotoTec

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Another great option of heavy engine type for hyperactive kids introduced to you by MotoTec. It is featured by a thrilling look that will not only attract the kid but also adults. Firstly, let’s look at the capacity of this bike. It is equipped with a powerful 33cc 2-stroke engine with a 1.25 liters gas tank that can provide a dynamic operation as a 4-stroke engine. With this robust engine and big gas tank capacity, it enables the bike to run for 20 miles after fully refueled. In addition, this engine was also certified by EPA certification for its high quality.

This is a high-power engine vehicle that makes it an ideal bike for kids of 13 years old and above especially if they have some experience handling engine bikes. If we take a closer look into the structure, this bike has a single seat with a height of 18 inches supported by tough steel disk-brakes tires which are monitored by the lever attached to the handlebar. The last important message is it is advisable to always keep the safe riding guide in mind by wearing a helmet and other safety equipment properly before riding your bike.

7. Rocket Electric Motocross Bike

7. Razor

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For an exquisite bike riding experience, do not overlook this authentic 650-watt motor dirt bike from Razor. It has a very high performing motor that allows the rider to speed up to 17mph to maximize the thrill. The wheels attached to the bike are equipped with shock absorbers on both the rear and the front wheels. In addition, its design features a high-rise handlebar that provides a comfortable sitting position to the rider.

Moreover, it has a long-lasting battery life that can sustain smooth operation up to 40 minutes after fully recharged for 12 hours. The knobby tires were engineered to enable better power transfer and silent operation even driving at a speedy volume. It is recommended by manufacturers that this bike is suitable for young adults from 16 years old and above, preferably those who used to handle heavy bikes up to 220 pounds. Be noted that regular charge is necessary to sustain its operation, failing to do so can cause the battery to not accept the charge. No need to worry if any issue arises as the package also comes with a 90 days warranty to give you peace of mind after purchasing.

6. Dirt Rocket SX500 McGrath Electric Motocross Bike

6. Razor

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Further, down, let’s move on to another mini bike from Razor. The design of this bike was primarily inspired by the most successful cross-country dirt bike rider in history known as Jeremy Mcgrath. Its authentic look allows the rider to feel empowered by the legacy of the most popular supercross champion. Adding to this, its motor has variable speed to accommodate your type of ride. Surprisingly, the maximum speed that it can carry the rider is up to 15mph within 40 minutes.

you can easily throttle the twistgrip handle in order to start the operation. Once you are done using this bike, you can easily retract the attached kickstand in order to prop it. Aside from this, it also comes with a disk brake knobby tire which allows you to control the speed of the brake in a timely manner by its dual lever connected to the handlebars. This bike is battery operated using a 36V power battery complemented by the rigid structure that can accommodate a maximum of 175 pounds of weight while the recommended age for operating this bike is around 14 years old and above.

5. Mini Moto Trail Bike MX Street for Kids and Adults


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Here comes a unique military themed motorcycle that will definitely fuel the desire of the young adult. It is the product of M MASSIMO MOTOR that comes with big and robust tires great for enhancing stability during the ride.

Even stronger engine power, this iconic bike is equipped with a 196cc 4 stroke engine which makes it the most powerful bike on the list. With this warrior, you can travel at the speed of 24mph.

If you constantly worry about your vehicle running out of fuel, this bike is definitely your best mate on the road trip as it has a big fuel tank that allows you to travel miles before having to refuel your machine again. In addition, it is also equipped with necessary safety measures such as the chain guard and protective shield on the engine machine to prevent the hot heat from contacting your skin. Complementing that, it also has a built-in stopwatch that will ensure to cool down the engine prior to switching it off.

There is nothing complicated in assembling this model MB200, as the product will almost be ready to use once unpacked. For its great look, owning this motor will surely impress your neighbors.

4. Dirt Bike Toy with Training Wheels Red

4. Qaba

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If you have longed for a product that is specially made for young engine-enthusiast kids, then wait no more as we have here a dirt bike toy from Qaba. This bike was designed to suit the kids between 3 to 6 years old. Although operated by an electric battery, it can give your kid a realistic dirt bike riding experience by its full functions including headlights and sound effects inspired by the real dirt bike design. In order to operate, you can press the button attached to the high-rise handles and you can release the button if you wish to stop the bike.

In the purpose of supporting the balance, its design features training wheels that will come in handy for your little riders.

It is equipped with 6V motor battery power that can create a vigorous energy suiting the size of the vehicle which allows your little rider to speed up to a safe maximum limit of 1.25mph. After unpacking you will need to charge up to 12 hours before use. In whatever circumstances, it is highly advised to operate under parents’ or adult’s supervision.

3. 6V Kids Electric Battery Powered Ride On

3. Best Choice Products

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Next, we have another kid motorcycle from Best Choice Products. This one has a bright green color and the design was inspired by a real racing motorcycle. The material is made of light ABS plastic and It can be easily operated by a press on the switch button at the handlebar which makes it fairly easy to handle for the young riders. As your kids are riding, they can turn on the headlights and the built-in music effect to experience something very similar to a realistic dirt bike racing.

Even better, it features training wheels which are really helpful for those first-time riders who are not yet familiar with balancing their vehicles. The package comes with a 6V rechargeable battery that can be easily operated without pedaling and can reach a maximum speed of 2 mph. In order to develop your children’s motor skills such as balancing, hand-eye coordination, and also build their confidence this motorcycle will be great support you will need.

2. Mini Bike Trail Scooter for Adults & Kids 13+

2. Coleman Powersports

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Now take a look at this well-designed mini-trial scooter CT200U from Coleman Powersports. It is another 4-stroke engine motorbike that has a power of 196cc suitable for young adults around 13 years old and above. This off-road type of bike is perfect for your kid’s mini road trip as it is built using durable materials that can withstand rough drive.

In addition, it is safe and reliable because the body of the bike is covered by a metal frame. Aside from that, efficient drum brakes are also another factor adding to the reliability of this bike. Its cylinder engine complemented by a high-quality tire allows the bike to operate smoothly even on rugged surfaces. With much bigger capacity, this bike can accommodate up to 200 pounds of weight with a fuel tank capacity of 3.6 liters that help to reduce the need to refuel.

1. Dirt Rocket Electric Motocross Off-road Bike for Age 13+

1. Razor

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The last product on the list is a blue rocket electric bike MX350 from Razor. This was designed with the type of motocross bike in mind. Again, it is a battery-operated bike using a 24V sealed lead battery that enables you to recharge once the battery runs out. Along with its 350-watts motor, the bike can run on a speed up to 14 mph for 30 minutes of prolonged use. it is also attached with a twist grip control for easy starting of the engine.

If we take a closer look, the handlebars are adjustable to match with your sitting position which maximizes the comfort during your trip. You can also slow down or stop the machine in a timely manner by activating the levers attached to the handlebars and it will connect to the efficient disk brake tires to slow the movement. This bike is very great for an action sport that will definitely give you the best motor racing sensation.

Buying Guide:

  • Look and Design: there are many designs and styles available for the mini bike. This factor focuses on the personal aspect of the person that you are buying this mini bike for. If your kid is excited for a military themed bike, getting him a scooter is obviously a big no. It is important to get to know the preference of your kid before deciding to purchase the bike.
  • Age restriction: this is another important factor to consider, you should choose the bike that suits the age of your children and also their ability to handle the engine. an expensive high engine power motorcycle will be no use for your 6 years old kid because they have no knowledge of how to operate such an engine.
  • Brake: this is the part that you must not overlook as it associates with the safety of the rider. The first thing is getting this function tested to see whether the brake really works. Lastly, the most convenient types of brake are the ones that you can operate by your hand in a timely manner.


Being a parent can be a challenge, especially when you have to choose the best toy for the recreational activity of your kid. After reading our recommended products and the buying guide above. We hope you get the knowledge and some handy tips of what a good mini bike should have and what type of bike is appropriate for your kid’s physical development.

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