Top 10 Best Portable Shower Caddy In 2020


Do you have any trouble finding a place to put your personal things inside the bathroom? If your bathroom is spacious, you wouldn’t worry about that. You can put anything inside like a glass box or mount them to the wall. Things in the bathroom include shampoo, face foam, body wash, sprayer, cream for shaving, razor, toothbrush, toothpaste, and many more. If your sink is big enough, you can just leave your things there.

However, in some cases, like if you’re a college student and using a public bathroom or your own room is relatively small, you need something that can contain all the products you use together.

Especially for girls, they tend to have more things than boys so it’s a bit tiring for them. A portable shower caddy is the one people like to use for organizing things. There are various kinds of them you can use from the below sources we’re going to introduce them to you.

10. Plastic Portable Storage Organizer Utility Caddy Tote

10. mDesign

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The shower caddy from mDesign’s product seems to be super convenient for organizing your bathroom. The basket size is not too big that requires a big space but enough to put everything you need. For the portable part, there are 2 separate blocks that can put many things inside. Each side can fit 4 to 5 of normal size shampoo battles while on the order size you can use to put a towel or anything you like.

The handle also makes it useful for carrying around. The whole product is made from plastic with high quality which is durable and lasts longer than expected. The cleaning part is not difficult at all, as you can see the style is made similar to the normal basket so there’s no narrow or complicated space that you cannot reach.

Plus, it’s dry fast and can be used for any other purposes based on the users themselves.

9. Bathroom Personal Organizer

9. Handy Laundry

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Another portable shower caddy belongs to Handy Laundry. Inside this white mesh shower caddy is divided into 3 categories which are less trouble for you to sort things out instead of putting everything together and waste time on finding it; especially the one with smaller size; for example, razor or toothbrush. It’s also easy for you to fold and put them away.

The shape is similar to a cylinder with an open-top which is comfortable for you to reach out and take whatever you need fast. There’s a string attached on top for carrying or hanging inside the bathroom.

The bottom part, it has just one hole in the middle for water to drain out, it is made from solid fabric to prevent your belongings from getting wet and also fast to dry.

8. Attmu 2 Pack Portable Mesh Shower Caddy Dorm

8. Attmu

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This portable shower caddy is also made from mesh and durable in wet conditions. It’s quite huge and the amount it can carry is a lot more compared to an average-sized portable shower caddy which is pretty convincing for the buyer to spend their money on. If you decide to get this product, you will get two for paying the price of one only. Each portable shower caddy includes several pockets placed around the center one.

For those small pockets, you can include 1-3 items depending on the size since some are big and some are small. While the center part is spacious enough to have one towel and 2 or 3 more big bottles of shampoo. With those capacities you will receive, it’s absolutely again for you. Furthermore, you can give the additional one to your friend or your family.

7. Portable Shower Caddy with 8 Mesh Storage Pockets

7. Attmu Portable Caddy

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Attmu had another portable caddy made for organizing the shower accessories inside your bathroom. It has a similar feeling to the other version. However, this time, they expand the dimension which means it can store almost double the amount they can handle before. The good quality mesh used makes the product durable. The handle is strong; it can support heavyweight and won’t easily break. Those 8 extra pockets are necessary for holding your stuff safely.

There is no need for you to worry about it getting wet. The mesh is made with the purpose of drying fast, so it won’t damage your belongings. With this great size, you have other options, not just for bathrooms but you can also bring them along to some places like a pool or beach. It’s suitable for any outdoor activity you prefer.

6. LiB Portable Plastic Organizer

6. LiB Portable Plastic Organizer

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This plastic portable shower caddy from LiB looks simple but well made with great consideration for the needs of the consumers. There are six blocks of the space that was split up for storying different items. The wall that separates is actually removable. In case, you need to put something long and the space is short with a wall in between, you can just remove it when you need to. This product comes with white color and a strong handle for carrying to the bathroom or from place to place.

It won’t be broken easily since the weight itself is pretty light but quite tough as it is made from a good quality material which can stand a heavyweight and carry the shower necessaries you use daily. There are in total 4 holes for water draining and the bottom is not slippery at all as they have the black pad that won’t make the portable slip easily. About the unique part to others, there’s also a lifetime warranty provided for this plastic portable.

5. iDesign Plastic Storage Organizer Basket

5. iDesign Plastic Storage Organizer Basket

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This product has a bit of a classic look. iDesign’s new product looks like a basket with one metal handle in the middle to hold which you could bring with you anywhere. By putting most or all of your shower belongings in one box, you can save lots of space. The basket can be placed anywhere near the sink or the shelf under since it’s easier to use it later. The height is not too high and the open head makes it easy for you to spot the thing you need faster.

Moreover, with this plastic tote, you can also put some heavy bottles like cleaning products and still be able to carry normally while the others that are made from mesh or paper face this difficulty when it comes to supporting the heavy item. Even if there is water inside, you don’t have to worry since you can reach each corner and wipe it out easily.

4. Handy Laundry

4. Handy Laundry

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Another version of the portable shower caddy from Handy Landry gives the feeling of a shopping bag. The string is long enough to be carried by your shoulder. The size is really advantageous for the user and it can store at most 2-3 sets of clothes and a towel with some additional items you can include on the side pockets. In that case, a short trip is possible. As we know, the extra-large size absolutely plays a big part if you get this one, as you’re also saving some money instead of spending on another bag.

Gym, pool, park, beach or any possible outdoor activities are perfectly suited for you to use the bag if you need something to carry your stuff. The silver top string with the blue mesh for the body makes it look even more beautiful and a complete set.

3. Divided Basket Bin, Handle for Bathroom

3. mDesign

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Another plastic portable you can take into consideration is mDesig’s new release. So, you can rest assured now since this one also provides a satisfying quality. Unlike the other one, this one has 4 separate sections, 3 on one side and the other side is not partly separated. This will help you make more room for other important things. The handle is made from the inside so you move them more easily, and it’s sturdy; it won’t simply break from carrying the heavy tote.

The bottom is a hardy made plastic and can support any weight of your goods. Since there’s no way for water to come inside, you can put them anywhere you want. Each pocket is not too narrow to fit in the hand when you try to clean them.

2. Quick Dry Tote Bag Oxford Hanging Toiletry and Bath Organizer

2. Attmu Mesh Caddy

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With this all in one package, this one gives you plenty of benefits. The caddy is made from extremely high-quality mesh and fabric that dry fast. It helps transport your belongings not just to the bathroom but to various places you prefer. It’s simple and easy to use, and doesn’t require much care, and is still usable for a long period. The size is large enough to store any accessories of yours.

1. Large College Dorm Bathroom Caddy Organizer with Key Hook

1. Haundry Mesh Shower Caddy Tote

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This handy portable shower tote is a product from Haundry. If you get tired of plastic ones, you should change to the one made from mesh. As you know, the mesh is an effortless kind of tote you should have as it’s flexible and you can either fold or roll it.

The mesh shower tote also dries faster compared to plastic models. Furthermore, this mesh shower caddy is able to stand alone without any support if you can’t find a place to hang them.

Buying guild

When you try to find a tote for putting your things, you should look carefully at what you should get and understand the cost and benefit of choosing that certain product. If we talk about this type of shower tote, you can find tons of them anywhere. However, choosing whatever you could get your hand on is not something you should do. Here is the buying guide you can take a look at when buying a portable shower caddy.

Mesh or not: Nost buyers would like to get a mesh portable shower caddy because it’s softer than the plastic ones, and they can fold it easily. And, it’s more lightweight than other types. But it’s up to you how you want to use it. If you just want to put fewer things inside and they’re not heavy like toothbrush and toothpaste, body sponge, or hair brush, the mesh is good for you.

On the contrary, with some big bottles like hair shampoo or body wash body lotion, hair spray, or condition, that might be a bit challenging. Of course, there are still some mesh totes with a strong fabric bottom to support the weight.

Size: Well, size is also important. If you use a public bathroom, you should get a small shower caddy rather than the bigger one. The reason is that you can transport them more freely while going for just a shower. When the tote is too big, you’ll need to place them down on the floor.

Plus, it’s troublesome for anyone if you have to bring something huge all the time. So, we recommend an average size because it can be enough to carry your essential things.

Compartments: this is one of the main purposes of getting a portable shower. If you don’t like something messy and don’t have many things, you can just get a simple one. But, for women, they tend to choose the one with many compartments as it’s useful in many ways since they have many products in small sizes like skincare products or cosmetics, so it’s easy for them to organize their goodies.


To sum up, all of the above content is the information we provided related to purchasing a portable shower caddy. A shower caddy can make your daily life much easier and organized. Those 10 products are the best of all and have higher demands compared to other products.

Our recommendation here is for you to think carefully before getting one even though a shower caddy doesn’t seem to be that expensive. It will be good to get the right one immediately, instead of buying a lot of it and throw it away after just a few uses.

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