Top 10 Best portable tool boxes In 2020


Whatever career you have, it is always good to be well organized. Being well organized will benefit you in all areas of work such as avoid missing deadlines, relieve stress, avoid losing stuff, and more. However, not everyone is lucky enough to be born a well-organized person. You have to personally train yourself and this will require a high commitment to stick to your habit of organizing things. In order to make this work in the long term, you will need some appliances to help you.

As for mechanics, toolboxes are the gadget they cannot live without as they hate having their tools lying around in messy order. Toolboxes will come in handy to keep all the tools in place and prevent it from getting lost and damages. Surprisingly, there are many types of toolboxes from different brands available on the market, and choosing one can be a challenge for you. To break down this challenge, we have here a list of top 10 toolboxes that help you to organize like a pro.

10. Multi-Purpose 3-Layer Toolbox with Tray and Dividers


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As a kick start, we will introduce you to a 3 layers toolbox from GANCHUN. This tool organizer is very appropriate for professional technicians as can be used for various purposes. Each tray has a large storage space that gives you more room for your repair tools collection. Adding to that, there are built-in dividers attached to each tray that allow you to separate your tools by type or its function which will help to facilitate you in looking for those tools when needed.

The box is designed with small storage rooms at the lid surface where you can put small parts such as screws or nut bolts it also has a transparent plastic lid to ensure that you will never have to lose or have difficulty finding those small items ever again. After you are done with using the tools, place them back into the box and secured it by stapling the folding rods that were designed to make the toolbox sturdy and enduring. It also comes with a tough stainless-steel handle that is not only easy to carry around but can withstand rust and will last a very long time before you need a replacement. Rest assured that you have chosen the right product, GANCHUN also provides you the best after-sales service if you encounter any issue.

9. Drawer Professional Tool Box for Garage


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The second product is a black garage toolbox model 81400 from JEGS. This one is made of robust steel with a thickness of 16 gauge and a composite of 3 drawers. Its full extension design enables you to open each drawer completely till the very back. If you are not familiar with the advantage of this design, it allows you to reach the items that stay at the back of the drawer with ease. Another thing is, the drawer glide is ball bearing that contributes to the ease in opening or closing the drawer.

For larger tools storage you can keep them in the upper drawer below the lid as it has bigger storage than other drawers. In order to secure this toolbox once it is closed, it has attached dual built-in locks with 2 keys to ensure your tools are safe and neatly in place where it belongs. Connected to the lid is the stainless-steel latch that is very convenient carry making it the best portable toolbox that you can take it anywhere you wish to. With this toolbox, you can sort your tools out in order to be more efficient in your garage work.

8. Metal Tool Box Portable 5-Tray Cantilever Steel Tool Chest Cabinet

8. Goplus

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For a fancier look, let us have your attention on this portable toolbox from Goplus. The design of this toolbox composes of 4 cantilever trays and 1 big cabinet which grants easy access to reach the tools inside. Solid steel was used in the making of this toolbox for purpose of making it durable and it was finished up with red high-quality paint as a coating to give its strength to withstand scratch and damages. In addition, the sleek dual handles designed as full-length steel for easy grip. The smooth paint coated on the outside makes the surface easier to wipe clean using a damp cloth.

Talking about capacity, this toolbox is suitable to use for organizing wrenches, screws, and screwdrivers, and other frequently used mechanic accessories to keep your workshop neat and clean so the next time you look for anything you will not have to spend hours. After unpacking, this toolbox requires a little touch of installation to finish up and this should not worry you as you will be given a guidebook on how to assemble. Whether for the purpose of home or professional use, this toolbox will come in handy to guard all your tools.

7. Tool Box with Removable Tool Tray, Small Parts Organizer in Lid


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If you don’t have plenty of utensils but still want to keep them in a well-arranged manner, it is a wise idea to purchase this smaller size toolbox from OEM TOOLS. It has a storage capacity of 40lbs, with one removable tool tray that you can detach it completely from the box to reach the lower cabinet. On its lid, there are 3 small individual storage compartments with a transparent plastic cap where you can put the small accessories and 2 of the 3 has a divider that allows you to either attach or detach it to fit your usage requirement.

The structure of this toolbox is made of rigid plastic attached to its robust metal latches. on the go, you can clasp the alloy locker to secure the items inside. This combination of durability and portability make you well equipped during site traveling purposes and have your tools safe from damages. At the same time, for its rugged design, it is also perfect for using a household toolbox to keep gardening tools, sensitive documents, and also sewing or first aid kits. Whenever you need to organize things, you will be glad of having this toolbox at home.

6. Stalwart Oversized Portable Tool Ches

6. Stalwart

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If you own a warehouse, the toolbox could be too small to house all your tools. We recommend you check out this portable yellow tool chest from Stalwart. From the outside, this chest box looks like a 3 stories luggage. However, if we take a closer look, it is a chest with 3 separate toolboxes that can be completely detached from its main body. Attached to the back, we have a convenient carrying handle that you can adjust by sliding up or down to a preferred height. It is supported by two wheels for better mobility.

Whatever your project is, this chest is very helpful in keeping your tools safely in place which is easy when you look for them. And this helps you to fasten your work process. Its big capacity allows it to store a number of tools you will need during your work. The construction is also well-built and has the polymer material reinforced into it in order to make sure it will not easily break or damage with heavy-duty usage.

5. Tool Storage Cart And Organizer Stack, 3 Tool Box Combination

5. Ridgid

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Here comes another chest box adding to the list, and it is the product of Ridgid. It comes with 3 toolbox of different dimension of 22.2 x 12.2 x 6.5, 22.2 x 12.2 x 13.8 and 22.2 x 12.2 x 18.3 respectively and each one has its own distinct capability of storage. The upper one is designed for the purpose of storing smaller items, while the middle toolbox gives room for bigger tools and accessories. The lowest one is attached to the cart with a long heavy-duty handle that can be scaled up and down smoothly, adding to that it has terrain wheels that allow you to move this chest from place to place with ease.

Moreover, each toolbox has a built-in lockable system to guarantee that your tools are well secured inside each box. The coating of this chest box is very sleek and smooth which makes it resistant to dust and also easy for your cleaning purposes.

4. Heavy Duty Rolling Toolbox with Foldable Comfort Handle

4. Stalwart

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This uniquely designed trolley-shaped chest box is delivered to the market by Stalwart. Judging by the presentation, this storage box looks like a very expensive product with its sophisticated and stylish look you will never be able to guess how affordable this one is. For convenience in mobility, it was a layout with 2 nylon wheels, so you can take this organizer anywhere you need to. It has a total of 24 small tools compartments so if you have more screws, bolt, and small accessories than the big items, this storage box is the right one for you.

In addition, it has 2 detachable trays and a big base compartment that gives plenty of room to store necessary tools and mechanic supplies. This product is lightweight and has a dimension of 17.5 x 10 x 24.5 in overall. Do not worry about causing damages to this trolley when moving it around a bumpy construction area as it is designed for this purpose. In the making of this movable chest box, metal and polypropylene were used to ensure its sustainability and durability. Moreover, it has a built-in cable hook where you can wrap your cables, tape rolls, extension cords around to prevent them from tangling.

3. Masterloader Resin Rolling Tool Box with Locking System

3. Keter

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Keter presents you with another easy on the go storage box. If you are looking for a durable and portable toolbox, grab this one now before it runs out of stock. The construction of this storage box is composed of polypropylene recyclable plastic that does not only make it resistant to rust but also free from dents. It is attached with rubber wheels, so you do not have to spend your energy on lifting or carrying the box. When traveling, security is ensured by the central locking feature to allow stability when the wheels are launched on the surface.

For storage capacity, let’s start off with the 2 big and 4 smaller detachable bins on its lid. This is the place that you can keep all the small screws and other frequently used accessories for better visibility. In case you have bigger equipment, you can store them in the deep space at the bottom. If we look into more detail, the bottom compartment comes with a divider that allows you to sort your tools out by types of the frequency of use. To organize better, this small storage box is totally a must-have item in your house.

2. Tool Box & Mobile Work Center


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The next product that you are going to hear from is a movable storage box model DWST20800 from DEWALT.

Once you open this unit, you will see 4 levels of compartments including 1 tray lies in the middle section. On the very bottom, it has a large bin to store the power tools. This will be a great help to those working on-site, as it is supported by two wheels and a telescopic pull-up latch installed at the front of this box that allow you to grip and transport your essential supplies from the warehouse to the construction site with ease.

In addition, it also has handles on both sides for the purpose of lifting. Along with that, with its ball-bearing design of the slide you will never encounter difficulty when opening up each drawer no matter how fully packed it is.

1. DEWALT (DWST17806) Tstak Tool Box, Deep


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Last but not least, let us walk you through a toolbox model DWST17806 from DEWALT. This is a smaller sized toolbox with 1 interior tray. Do not quickly judge, its deep compartment allows you to store many essential items and can handle up to 44 pounds of weight.

Aside from what mentioned, it has a sturdy handle that is made from stainless steel which is a high-quality material that can withstand rust. All the units can be placed on top of one another and then secure by the side latches. if you are looking for a durable toolbox, this one will definitely be great use and guarantee to last for a very long time.

Buying Guide:

Portability: The first thing that you should look for in the toolbox is whether or not it can be move with convenience. As you will not only need the tools in the warehouse, there are cases that you will need this package at the worksite and it is very unfortunate to find out that your storage box is not supported by wheels.

Size: The size of the toolbox you are purchasing should be the closest match to the number of tools that you are planning to house or else it will be just a waste of space and money.

Quality and durability: This product is part of mechanic gadgets, it’s a rare case that the toolbox is treated with care. Most of the time, it will need to stay at the warehouse or being dragged along to the rough construction site which is why the toolbox needs to be made of heavy-duty material to secure the items inside are safe from damage.


With all the great toolboxes mentioned above including the handy buying guide, we believe you are now ready to shop for your portable toolbox and start your time by having your equipment and tools well organized.

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