Top 10 Best Shoe Racks For Small Space


As the human population dramatically increases, space for living is also rapidly becoming more and more expansive. To cope up with the situation, there are many fascinating innovations created to help humans make their space look great and livable with cool furniture. One of those innovations that every small space household must-have is a shoe rack. With Shoe rack, it’s not only it can organize your shoes and make the house look clean and neat, but having that can also make your mood and open your place a lot better.

If you are looking for the best shoe racks to use to make your space cozier and organized, in this article, we will be introducing the top 10 best shoe racks for small spaces that you can purchase for a house or as a gift. Keep reading to find out more about each product and its details.

10. Sturdy Metal Frame Shoe Storage10. Seville Classic

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Coming as the first product in the list, here we have this multipurpose shoe rack from Seville Classic. Designed with 2-tier of space, this durable shoe rack can accommodate up to 9 pairs of shoes regardless they are sandal, heels, or sneakers. Moreover, because this shoe rack is made from sturdy metal, it can support up to 30 pounds of weight for each shelf or 90 pounds for the whole rack. This Seville Classic shoe rack is also easy to assemble; all can be done by yourself in just a few minutes.

On top of all these top points, this shoe rack also offers up to 5 years in terms of product coverage on original defect or workmanship, so you don’t have to worry about anything after purchasing this shoe rack for your house.

9. 3-Tier Chrome Shoe Tree

9. Honey-Can-Do

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On the top 9th, we have this incredibly designed shoe rack from Honey-Can-Do. What’s special about this is that it is created with a contemporary concept with 3 revolving tiers that can accommodate up to 18 pairs of shoes with ease. Moreover, with the shiny chrome finish, it makes cleaning of this shoe rack pretty easy and quick. Another great point about Honey-Can-Do shoe rack is that it is very compact and it can fit any narrow space easily. It’s ideal for those who have a lot of shoes while having limited space to store them; Honey-Can-Do shoe rack is a true house tidy-up hack.

Especially if your house features a modern concept, this shoe rack fits perfectly with the theme regardless of what color or what material you used for your decoration. A tip to save your space with this shoe rack is to put it near the closet or at any corner.

8. Shoe Rack Organizer, Stackable and Durable Shoe Shelf Storage

8. Herron

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Moving on, we have another product from Herron. This shoe rack is designed with a slim body but high up on the height because it is made specifically for space-saving purposes that allows these shoe racks to hold up to 20 pairs including man and woman shoes. Also, this 8-tier shoe rack is made from premium metal so it can support heavy weight; making it last longer in terms of service life. If you do not own a lot of shoes, you can also use it to store your shoes and mix them with books or plants too. Another great use of Herron shoe rack is it can also be converted into plants or books rack, too. It can fit perfectly into any space regardless of how small your room is.

This product is delivered unassembled, but you can easily assemble them up easily without using any tool. The good thing about this is that you can also disassemble it anytime if you want to. You can also customize them into two different shoe racks if you want to. With Herron, there’s also the possibility to utilize it to the fullest capacity.

7. Expandable Shoe Rack -Stackable

7. Whitmor

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Another best shoe rack for small spaces in the list belongs to a brand called Whitmor. What’s special about this is that it is a sort of customizable shoe rack which you can expand its length and increase its capacity by easily expanding the metal bar; which can be altered from 25” to 46”. It depends on your number of shoes and the size of the space, but regardless, these shoe racks will fit flawlessly. Also, it’s made from metal and natural wood frame, so it’s ideal for both wooden themes or modern themes of your space. This shoe rack looks super elegant and can be used in your house, office, or even your shop.

With its fullest capacity, this Whitmor shoe rack can fit up to 18 pairs of shoes easily. Similar to the previous product, Whitmor shoe rack can also be assembled and disassembled effortlessly without any need to use extra tools. In case you want extra space for any occasion, you can then simply disassemble it any store in any narrow storage.

6. Sturdy Metal Shoe Rack Organizer


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On the top 6th, there’s another heavy-duty shoe rack for small space from OYREL. Constructed using only thick and sturdy material, OYREL proudly presents its ultra-durable shoe rack on the market with its 5-tier design. Designed with shelves, this shoe rack can hold up to 10 pairs of shoes while you can also use it to store some other things like books, purse, or decoration tools. Each layer can support up to 4kg, so you don’t have to worry about its service life. Since OYREL is intentionally made to be compact in order to fit small space, if you are living in a studio room apartment, this is the ideal tool that can help you organize your space even better.

In case you have more than 10 pairs of shoes, that’s not a worry, either. With OYREL, you can purchase two sets of it and combine them into one 10 tier shoe tower easily and it will always remain sturdy regardless of how long you use it. Say goodbye to a messy space with OYREL.

5. Fiducial home Shoe Rack, Sturdy Shoe Shelf

5. Fiducial Home

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Moving to the next best shoe rack in the list is a product from this brand called Fiducial Home. Both material and structure of Fiducial Home shoe rack are chosen only from the high quality and most durable ones including non-woven fabric tiers, versatile iron pipes, and sturdy plastic connectors. Having all of these as the materials, it allows these shoe racks to last a lifetime. Fiducial Home designed its shoe rack with 4-tier that allows it to accommodate up to 10 pairs of shoes. What’s even special about this is while a lot of shoe racks cannot store high heels or boots because they have a short height, this one is different. You can fit them easily on the top shelf; otherwise, you can also remove a shelf in the middle to store. Besides storing shoes, you can also use it to store books, bags, or pots of plants.

You can also store them all together to bring a more aesthetic vibe to your space. While a lot of shoe rack in the market didn’t come with a guarantee, Fiducial Home offers up to a 2-year quality guarantee which you can get a full refund or free replacement if there’s an issue that occurred from this product.

4. Whitmor Spacemaker 10-Tier Tower

4. Whitmor

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On the top 4th, we have another best shoe rack for tiny space from Whitmor again. Obviously, after its presence in the market for 70 years, there’s almost no doubt why Whitmor products are always on the top list. For this one, in particular, it’s almost unique to the typical shoe rack you found in the market. Having its design as a 10-tier tower, this product is ideal for any shoe collectors. A great thing about this is since it’s also a multifunction rack, you can even use it to store folded clothes, handbags or hats. Hence, not only can you organize your shoes properly, but other stuff will also be placed in the right spot.

Of course, to support these weights, Whitmor makes sure that they use only heavy-duty metal frames to construct this shoe rack; leaving it not only durable to add function to any space, but also for it to be cleaned easily. If you are looking for a shoe rack, this model from Whitmor is definitely what you should check out.

3. Bamboo Shoe Rack Bench, Shoe Organizer, Storage Shelf


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If you are looking for a wooden look shoe rack to fit your space décor theme, you must not overlook this stable and robust shoe rack from SONGMICS. Made 100% from high-quality natural bamboo plank, this incredible shoe rack can amazingly hold up to 264 pounds; which is unchallengeable by any product on the market. Each bamboo stripe is ensured with a smooth edge to protect users from any injury from using them. With the capacity to accommodate 4 pairs of shoes easily, SONGMICS can be placed anywhere; from the hallway to living and even bedroom without eating up your space.

Moreover, unlike plywood that you can’t clean with water, you are free to clean it as often as you need to keep it clean. Lastly, SONGMICS is quite lightweight, so you can also carry them around in case you need to clean or relocate it from a place to another.

2. Tangkula Wooden Shoes Racks, Entryway Shoes Storage Stand

2. Tangkula

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On the top 2nd in the list, we have these super compact designed shoe racks from Tangkula. With the capacity to hold up to 7-8 pairs of shoes, Tangkula is a true space-saving shoe rack. Its size can flawlessly fit anywhere no matter how narrow or small your space is. To make things even better, this shoe rack is designed with open shelves, so you can access it from any direction. On the top shelves, you also have the choice of whether to place another pair of shoes or putting a décor item. If you happen to own a lesser pair of shoes than 7, you can also utilize this space to keep other stuff like towels, books, and other small appliances too.

Because this shoe rack is made from premium quality solid wood, it’s super durable and it looks perfect with any theme. Besides, you can also clean it regularly to keep the rack clean and improve its service life too.

1. Whitmor Over the Door Shoe Rack

1. Whitmor

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Finally, we are here with the last product on the list which is also the number 1 best shoe rack on the market in 2020, too. It’s no doubt that Whitmor won the spot again. It’s truly special and a real space-saving item that you must own if you are looking for a proper organization around your small space. Let’s guess how many pairs of shoes this shoe rack can hold. Not 10, not 20, but this Whitmor shoe rack can accommodate up to 36 pairs of shoes. When hearing 36 pairs of shoes, you must think that there’s no way these shoe racks can hold this huge amount without eating up a lot of space, yet the fact is it is. Built with a non-slip door pat that allows this shoe rack to stick securely on your door, it allows you to store all your shoes without even eating any square inch in your space. From sandals and heels to flip flops and sneakers, there’s no type of shoes that cannot be stored in this shoe rack.

Imagine how free your space would be after a proper organization of 30+ shoes, that’s how easy this Whitmor shoe rack is going to offer you. If you also wonder in case this shoe rack can serve other functions like storing towels, yes it can. If you are having a small space but you especially own a lot of shoes, this is definitely what you need to own.

Buying Guide:

When it comes to choosing the right shoe rack that would work ideally for you, there are two buying tips we would like to share with you. First of all, you have to consider the space you have compared to the size of the shoe rack you are going to purchase. Though it doesn’t seem serious about this point, a few inches different can make the shoe rack completely unusable because your space couldn’t fit them in properly. So make sure before you purchase, you have to do a quick measurement of your available space and look for any product on its dimension to see if it would fit in perfectly.

Another tip on identifying the need for this shoe rack to buy the right product also lies in the number of shoes you own. To say, if you are having a lot of shoes, you must also look for any rack that can accommodate them all; otherwise, you still won’t save much space from it. However, if you have just a few pairs of shoes but you also look for some extra shelves which you can use to store your bag, book, plant, or folded towel, your prioritized option would be to go for a shoe rack tower that can have from 5 to 10 tiers.


With this knowledge in mind, we are sure the shoe rack you are going to purchase will be the best organization hack you’ve ever owned for your small space.

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