Top 10 Best Whole House Water Filters In 2020


There are all sorts of harmful substances in every body of water, including tap water. No matter how much our water is deemed safe to consume, sometimes there are still harmful chemicals in it. These harmful chemicals can travel through the water pipes within the underground water system and even our own houses. Plus, since a clean water plays a very essential role in health maintenance, many households have their own water filtration system to make sure that the water they drink is extra safe.

For this reason, our team has put together a list of 10 recommended whole house water filters for you to choose from and a buying guide to provide you more insights towards the general household water filter systems.

So without further ado, let’s move on to our list.

10. Aquasana Whole House Water Filter System

10. Aquasana

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The first recommended product on our list is from Aquasana. Aquasana has numerous high-quality water filtration systems under their belt. Their products are within the range of standard and affordable pricing. The EQ-1000 model is a home water filter that is designed to work on for 10 years. In order to guarantee good performance for a decade of usage, it is integrated with a number of helpful features.

The EQ-1000 is equipped with carbon and KDF filtration media technology. This allows the filter to be able to remove up to 97% of chlorine and minimizes the harmful pollutants within tap water, while also leaving essential minerals behind. These pollutants include VOCs, herbicides, pesticides, lead, mercury, and more.

Since this filter is designed to function for up to 10 years or 1 million gallons (approx. 3.8 million liters), the price may be quite intimidating to some of us. However, do remember that this product’s performance is very long-term and delivering, which means it is arguably cost-efficient. Plus, this filter is also low-maintenance; no draining or back flushing needed.

Do note that the EQ-1000 does not reduce Total Dissolved Solids or TDS.

9. Express Water Whole House Water Filter

9. Express Water

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Next, we have the Whole House Filter from Express Water; model number WH300SCGS. This water filtration system is equipped with 3 stages of filters, which are the Sediment filter, the Charcoal filter, and the Carbon filter. All three filters are combined to filter away contaminants within tap water. The system can reduce most pesticides, dirt, insecticides, turbidity, VOCs, odors, and more.

However, despite having 3 stages of filtration, maintenance is designed to be convenient and simple. The filters can easily be taken out and readjusted into their own respective places. Plus, the first stage housing is clear, allowing you to monitor when any filter is no longer good to use and in need of replacement. All replacements can be found on Express Water’s website.

For this product, Express Water provides a 1-year warranty from after the purchase date.

8. Whole House Water Filter

8. Express Water

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The next recommended product is the Heavy Metal Whole House Filter, which is also from Express Water. The WH300SCKS’s filters of Sediment, KDF, and Carbon are able to extract chlorine, iron, led, silt, rust, mercury, sulfur, copper, nickel, VOCs, cadmium, hydrogen sulfate, pesticides, herbicides and more, from tap water.

With the WH300SCKS installed within your household, worries related to water will surely decrease. Its features allow easy filter changes, with a quick and easy to understand design. Plus, its users can have a view into the inner system through the clear first stage housing as well.

The WH300SCKS also comes with a 1-year warranty and lifetime support from Express Water.

7. Water Filtration System

7. iSpring

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The iSpring Heavy-Duty Whole House Filtration System comes with 2 stages of the filter. The first stage is integrated with a 5-micron polypropylene sediment filter or FP15B filter. The first stage is designed to catch more physical particles like dirt, sand, rust, sand, and scales, while also helps extend the life of the next filter. The second filter is a CTO filter, also known as carbon black. This filter takes out the odor, taste, harmful chemicals, and cloudiness of the water.

Even though this filtration is guaranteed to take out most toxic substances, it does not reduce Total Dissolved Solids or TDS. In fact, it helps maintain healthy minerals in the water instead. Furthermore, the WGB21B comes in a pre-assembled state and is easy to install within your home. A filter wrench will be included to help with easier installation as well.

iSpring provides a 30-day refund policy for their customers, in regards to any fault to the parcel.

6. Carbon Well Water Filter Purifier System

6. Bluonics

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Unlike any aforementioned product so far, this filtration system from Bluonics uses UV light and 3 other physical filters. UV light is used in many filtration systems to deliver the finishing blow within the filtration process. It is used to kill bacteria and other damaging microorganisms, after the physical filtration stages.

And the same law applies to this filtration system; its UV filter rids your water off of microorganisms and water-dwelling bacteria. It’s integrated with 3 other stages of the filter before the UV filter. The first filter is a 20-micron string wound sediment filter that catches particles from the water. The second filter is a 5-micron carbon block filter, which removes chlorine, odor, tastes, organic solvents, and other harmful chemicals. Afterward, the third stage is a 1-micron sediment filter. This filter captures smaller physical particles that could have gotten through the previous filters.

This filtration system’s UV bulb is recommended to be changed within 1 year of usage.

5. Aquasure Whole House Water Filtration

5. Aquasure

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The Aquasure AS-WHF48D is designed for a household of 5 members. This filtration system is known for delivering its promises for its price; totally worth the investment. Plus, it is also said to be easy to install. Aquasure has easy-to-understand videos up on the web regarding its DIY installation.

This system is rated to treat 48,000 grains of hardness. It removes damaging hard minerals like iron and magnesium from the water. Both of these hard minerals are also said to cause skin-damaging issues and as well as irritation. The overall filtration system is built with high-quality materials and safety features, which ensure a long period of usage and help to keep your household members healthy with clean water.

Its filters are mostly in need of replacements within 6 months to a year of usage. However, if any accidents happened or your parcel arrives with any fault, Aquasure is always happy to assist their customers.

4. 3 Stage Well Water Filtration System

4. Pro Aqua

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Moving on, we have the ELITE Whole House Filter from Pro Aqua. This filtration system is ideal for small or medium households. Additionally, it is also designed to be low-maintenance, which means if you are in a household full of busy folks, this might be for you. It uses stainless steel pressure gauges instead of plastic gauges, which means it can last longer than the warranty time.

In order to provide the best quality of water, it is designed to work in a series of 3 filtration stages. All 3 stages of SED, CRK, and ACB are combined to filter out water and supply unmatched filtration performance, removing most of both damaging chemicals and physical contaminants.

Pro Aqua also ensures quality usage and as well provides a 1-year warranty and free lifetime support for this product.

3. Whole House Water Filter System with Sediment

3. APEC Water Systems

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The APEC 3-Stage Water Filter System is equipped with a sediment filter, GAC carbon filter, and carbon block filters; or in short SED, CAB, CBC20. Just like the other filtration systems, this one can also reduce odor, chemicals, harmful minerals, and physical particles.

Moreover, the first filter stage, which catches dirt, is actually washable. This allows its users to prolong its life service and also helps with reducing household trash. The second filter stage uses a 2-in-1filter of sediment and carbon. Finally, the third stage, the carbon block filter, is designed to catch smaller contaminants, odor, and taste. This system can filter up to 100,000 gallons or approximately 380,000 liters of water before its cartridges are in need of replacements.

This system comes in a pre-assembled complete state, allowing you to mount it right after receiving your parcel.

2. 3-Stage Whole House Water Filtration System

2. iSpring

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Further up our recommendation list, we have another 3-stage filtration system from iSpring, the WGB32B. Its filters are arranged as follows: a high capacity polypropylene sediment filter and 2 carbon block filters. The sediment filter can catch particles up to 5 microns small. The other 2 carbon filters further eliminate chemicals, odor, and tastes. The second and third filters are tested to meet the NSF/ANSI standards.

Do note that neither this filtration system is designed to reduce Total Dissolved Solids or TDSs. It is designed to filter out harmful chemicals and particles while keeping the healthy minerals in the water.

In order to acquire an extended manufacturer warranty and lifetime tech support (U.S.), iSpring encourages its customers to register online.

1. Water Filter System with Alkaline Remineralization-Natural pH

1. iSpring

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Finally, last but most definitely not least, we have the RCC7AK filter from iSpring. We have no doubt that this is also an exceptional filtration system by iSpring. This system is designed to restore the natural alkalinity and mineral balance within the water, while also filters out the damaging contaminants, such as chlorine, calcium, sodium, giardia, arsenic, asbestos, fluoride, lead, and more.

Its filtration system uses its safe Reverse Osmosis technology to re-mineralize water and brings balance back to water’s pH level. By balancing the pH level as close to a neutral 7.0 as possible, this filter can make water taste more natural and soft than the usual bottled water, which can be sour or have more acidity.

Its fine ultra fine RO filter can filter particles up to 0.0001 microns small, its GAC filter is said to provide final polishing to the filtered and purified water, while its AK filter is the one who helps store healthy minerals within the water and natural alkaline balance. In addition, this parcel comes with a beautiful modern sink kitchen faucet.

Again, iSpring encourages its customer to join their online registration system to keep track and provide their customers with the best service that they deserve.


In conclusion, when it comes to choosing the right home water filter, the greatest factors to consider are the features and the price. Make sure that the product’s features can be used in your area or region. Even though the features mostly contribute to product pricing, there can always be a close substitute for the initial product. You can look for a more affordable filter, which has similar features to your initial interest.

However, it is always better to do proper research regarding the product’s performances and read through the reviews left by past users. This way, you can guarantee more satisfaction from purchasing either the first product or the alternative product. All in all, we hope our list is of any help to you and wish you the best in your shopping journey.

Buying Guide:

Installation: Some models of home filtration systems are delivered out pre-assembled, in order to provide more convenience to its users. Some filtration systems, however, are required professionals to help install. Unless stated otherwise, all filtration systems should be installed on the main water supply line of the household. Still, we recommend doing proper personal research to better understand their designs before making your purchase.

Life period: The life period of each filtration system differs depending on its design. However, most filtration systems can be used over 3 years, unless accidentally broken or any dire accident was to occur.

Filter Replacement: Unless instructed otherwise, some filters are recommended to be replaced within a 3 months period of usage. Extra filters are advised to be kept clean and dry, in order to both preserve their quality and keep bacteria out.

Warranty: After looking through numerous products and brands, it has come to our attention that most water filtration systems come with a 1-year warranty. However, if you require a more grounded statement regarding warranties, we recommend contacting the respective company’s customer service team or simply contact the customer service team of the website from which you purchased your product from.

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